Kornit X Platform Version 3 FAQ and Troubleshooting

Kornit X Platform Version 3 FAQ and Troubleshooting

Kornit X have released version 3 of our platform interface which comes with a whole host of enhancements. V3 can be accessed via this link - platform.kornitx.net
The below video is a webinar discussing the new UI changes.

The presentation shown within the video can be found here - Link
V3 comes with a large amount of changes so we have prepared a FAQ list below to help with switching from V2 to V3. 
Q - How can I switch if I am not using the floor module scanpoints
A - There is no action needed, just log in with the same credentials as normal but on the new link, you should have access to the same functions that you already use on the current platform version.

Q - How can I switch if I am using the floor module scanpoints
A - If using the floor module in V2 there is a small change that you need to complete to use the new barcode labels and jobsheets - see this video for how to set this  https://share.vidyard.com/watch/KWBKruCto6jD8FTeGUNNXX? . If you have any issues with this then switch the settings back, continue with V2 and raise a request to support to help with your migration.

Q - What should I do if I am missing some functions I had access to in V2
A - If you are missing some functionality please raise a support ticket here  https://support.kornitx.net/portal/en/newticket?departmentId=17944000000007061&layoutId=17944000000023011 , we have endeavoured to update every users role to have access in line with their v2 access but there may be some modification needed in a small number of cases.

Q - Can I share any feedback on the new platform?
A - Yes, we welcome feedback as it is important for the platforms growth, please submit any feedback on this form  https://forms.office.com/r/STcUKcRqQU

Q - My pricing is missing from my products within V3?
A - Within V3 pricing has been updated from legacy which gave basic pricing options to the more advanced pricing found within v3. Although pricing will remain set on your products you will be unable to view or manage this within v3. If you need help with how to take your legacy pricing and update products please contact our support team who can show you how to import this data. 
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