Artwork | Output Types: Explained

Artwork | Output Types: Explained

General Overview

OMS supports several 'Output Types' for various fulfilment purposes. The Output Type refers to the format of the generated artwork file once an order is placed. There are 2 primary output solutions:

  1. Raster
  2. Vector PDF

Output Types are primarily set via the Company section on CPP/OMS, which applies a global output format option for all associated orders that are then accessible in the Order Management System.

Users are able to overwrite the company setting on a per product basis via the Product Details > Output Type dropdown to allow different format files to be generated for specific products, as may be necessary:
Critical: All Output Types function slightly differently, and therefore will not be compatible with all CPP features relating to the configuration of the products.

For more in depth information on each of these Output Types, please access via the following links:

 Raster >> 

 Vector >> 

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Updated Artwork Output Features

At KornitX we have continued to develop updates for variants and this is due to the fact we pride ourselves on constant evolution and the release of new features and enhancements every week. We have detailed each new variant enhancement below. If you are interested in knowing what features arrive, they will be continually updated within the "Core Platform Feature Updates" Article - CLICK HERE
This will continue to be updated below whenever a new enhancement is rolled out to improve variants, a time stamp will be labelled with each feature.

DTF Meters Output Now Contains QR Code
This was added on 29-07-2022
We now have an automated artwork batch layout options for the creation of DTF meters generated artwork for printing on a Presto printer. This has now been updated from what was a barcode to a QR code. This helps to improve the scanning and also the desired length of fabric in meters which has been added to the artwork directly to aid in Quality Control. An example of how this will appear on the artwork can be seen below. 

The DTF Metres preset automatically adds a QR Code within the 7cm gap to the left of the main Image. Scaling of the QR Code is preset to an increased default size of 30x30mm - this is considered sufficient across variable fabric types.

Vector PDF Now Supports Artwork Barcodes
This was added on 07-09-2021
Vector PDF output type now supports the inclusion of artwork barcodes, meaning when generating your artwork you can set this up to include barcodes. This option can be enabled or disabled within the company settings for Vector PDF Artwork generation

Shipping Labels In Artwork 
This was added on 27-07-2021
All output types support the inclusion of Shipping Labels within the artwork, meaning you ca generate the artwork and shipping label at the exact same time, cutting the job of generating artwork and getting your shipping information in half. This can be enabled or disabled within the company settings for artwork generation.

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