Standalone Stripe Enabled Smartlinks

Standalone Stripe Enabled Smartlinks

The KornitX Platform allows a stripe account to be connected to a Sales Channel which can then be used to create Smartlinks which are stand alone and work outside of any website structure. These are especially useful for generating sales from Social Media by posting these links.

The smartlink opens and works as any other but when adding to cart, Stripe is called and card details can be added. Once payment has been processed the order will be put into the system and be processed as normal.

The process for enabling this is split into 2 stages

1) Adding Stripe to your platform account

2) Generating your Smartlinks

Adding Stripe to your platform account

Please note that a Stripe account is a requirement for this. If you do already have an account with Stripe you will need to request one and set this up before proceeding.
This can be done at

Moving forwards these instructions assume you have an account and access to your dashboard at

When logged into stripe navigate to this page  or search for API in the search box which will take you to a place you can see or generate API Keys

The screen will show you 2 sections "Standard Keys" and "Restricted Keys" - it is Standard Keys we are working with here.

Standard Keys are split into 2 parts which form a pair
- Publishable Keys
- Secret Keys

You always have one 1 Publishable Key but can create separate Secret Keys as needed,

Below is a screenshot of that page where we have redacted the keys

To the left of "Standard Keys" is the "+ Create Secret Key" button, click this and give it a name, we suggest "POS LINK"

NOTE - In Stripe Testing Mode has fixed keys, you can access these by clicking the toggle for "View Test Data" in the top right of the screenshot, this will show you the pre created API keys for the Stripe test system.

If you are using test mode credentials then you can use the following card details to process an order
Card Number = 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiry Date in the future
CV2 = 123

This now gives you a Publishable Key and your Secret Key, please note these as you will need them moving forwards.

You now need to connect your CG Platform companies to your stripe account. You can do this by following these steps

1) Open the CG Platform and login at
3) Locate the ORGANISATION OR DROPSHIP company that you want to create your smartlink for - this will be the company that links your Sales Channel to the Fulfiller of the product you are making a link for. If generating a smartlink for Network orders you can add this to the Sales Channel.
4) Inside that companies settings navigate to the "Advanced" tab on the left and open up the section titles "Stripe"
5) In that section will be an entry box for "API Secret Key" here you need to add the Secret Key you created in Stripe and hit "Save Changes"

This dropship company can now process orders using stripe in smartlinks generated in the correct way.

Only when you have completed the first stage can you move onto generating smartlinks.

In the platform you can now locate a product which is produced by the fulfiller connected to the DROPSHIP company you set up with the API Key connection. Go into that product and select the "Smartlink Builder"

From here follow these steps

1) Select the Smartlink app layout you would like to use
2) Select the Smartlink app configuration or make a new one
3) Select the DROPSHIP company you created the Stripe API link with using the search filters. If using a network Select the SALES CHANNEL company here.
4) Under "Advanced" set "Pricing" to "From CPP"
5) Under "Advanced" set "Cart" to "Stripe Integrated Whitelabel POS"
6) Add in your "Publishable Key" from Stripe into the "API Key" Box
7) Select "Get My Smartlink" from the buttons on the left side of the screen and open the smartlink in a new browser window

This smartlink will now be connected and work with stripe

NOTE - you cannot change this smartlink in anyway, no parameters can be changed as it has been encrypted and changes will invalidate the link and it will need to be created again, it must be used exactly as it is. It can however be run through a URL Shortener if you require.

Stripe links will allow a product selector as long as those products are all from the same fulfiller, you cannot currently mix fulfillers in one link

Important Considerations / Points

It is important that products have pricing set up on them, the RRP set on the product is what will be used by Stripe when payments are processed.

Some smartlink apps support internal cart and functions allowing for the restriction of shipping countries that can be selected based on where products can be fulfilled in a network. This does require an order routing network to be set up and tested.

Apps that currently support these functions are

This cart is optional and when used does not require the "POS popup" for country selection
It is enabled on an app configuration on these layouts using the "Enable Internal Cart" option
NOTE - at this time multiple products can be added to the cart and transfered to Stripe but if the user cancels in stripe and goes back to the smartlink then the cart will be empty and they will need to add again.
If using this function make sure to add the category ID in smartlink builder that contains the products you want to be available and ensure the smartlink config has enabled products.


Stripe supports the addition of shipping charges when the smartlink redirects to the Stripe enabled checkout. Shipping rates should be set up in Stripe, details of how this can be done is available here

Each rate set up in Stripe will have a currency and a shipping ID, there is field in the Stripe section of the ORGANISATION companies advanced settings. An example entry for this field is below


This is formatted below in a clearer way for visibility
  1. [
  2.     {
  3.         "currency":"GBP",
  4.         "shipping_rate":"shr_1J5SBpKcJ2eI208Su4vsLdur",
  5.         "country_codes":"AU,GB,CA,US"
  6.     },
  7.     {
  8.         "currency":"EUR",
  9.         "shipping_rate":"shr_1J5SBpKcJ2eI208Su4vsLdur",
  10.         "country_codes":"AU,GB,CA,US"
  11.     },
  12.     {
  13.         "currency":"USD",
  14.         "shipping_rate":"shr_1J5SBpKcJ2eI208Su4vsLdur",
  15.         "country_codes":"AU,GB,CA,US"
  16.     },
  17.     {
  18.         "currency":"AUD",
  19.         "shipping_rate":"shr_1J5SBpKcJ2eI208Su4vsLdur",
  20.         "country_codes":"AU,GB,CA,US"
  21.     },
  22. ]


below is an example stripe connected smartlink in an iframe, if you add to cart you will see the stripe pages

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