Supply Chain Dashboard

Supply Chain Dashboard

The SLA Dashboard is built for enterprise level retailers to see the state of the orders for each supplier

This can be found under Reporting > supply chain Dashboard

The column headers are outlined below:

  • Problem Orders - order has been on 'QC Query' for more than 24h

  • Not sent - The drop-ship must have a supplier integration set up and the order has not been sent after over after 2h

  • Not Acknowledged - The drop-ship must have a supplier integration set up and the order status will be stick on stuck on 'Sent to Supplier' not 'Received by Supplier'

  • Outside SLA - 24 hours past required dispatch date

  • Stock updated - stock has been updated in the last 24h

The platform is set to send breach emails to the company's default email address if the "Email Breach Notifications" option is enabled in the company's advances settings.

The Platform checks for breaches every 3 hours, it will keep sending emails until the breaches are resolved however the same email won't be sent twice in the same 6 hour window

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