Reports | Supply Chain Dashboard

Reports | Supply Chain Dashboard


The SLA Dashboard is built for enterprise level retailers to see the state of the orders for each of their fulfillers. This area of the platform can be found within "Reporting" and "Supply Chain Dashboard" as shown in the image below.  

This is ONLY available for customers with enterprise subscriptions to the Kornit X Platform 

What Does The Dashboard Show?

The Supply Chain Dashboard will appear like the below image, listing the fulfillers as well as the number of orders for each of the following statuses; Problem Orders, Not Sent, Not Acknowledged, Outside SLA and Stock Updated statuses in an easy to view and understand dashboard. 

The column headers are outlined below in the following Table
Problem Orders
This means the order has been on 'QC Query' for more than 24 hours.
Not Sent
Not Sent is set when a dropship has a  supplier integration set up and the order has not been sent after over after 2 hours. 
Not Acknowledged
This is likely caused from the dropship having a supplier integration set up and the order status will be stuck on 'Sent to Supplier' not 'Received by Supplier' as standard. 
Outside SLA
This will appear whenever 24 hours has passed the required dispatch date. 
Stock Updated
This means an items stock has been updated in the last 24 hours. 
Please note that the Supply Chain dashboard shows orders up to 120 days with the above statuses. 
The view will include options to filter by specific fulfillers and the data can be sorted by the following options
  1. Alpha
  2. Most Problem Orders Descending
  3. Most Not Sent Orders Descending
  4. Most Not Acknowledged Descending
  5. Most Outside SLA Descending
  6. Problem Stock Feed At Top

How Do I Set Up The Dashboard Monitoring Emails?

The platform is set to send breach emails to the company's default email address if the "Email Breach Notifications" option is enabled in the company's advanced settings. To set this please follow the below instructions. 
  1. 1. Head to "Settings" and "Companies" and search for the correct dropship company as shown below.

  1. 2. When editing the company head to the "Advanced" options and search for "Monitoring / Supply Chain". 

  1. 3. Tick to enable the email alerts and save the settings. Now the Dashboard monitoring email has been enabled

An email to send these alerts to must be set within the "Basic Details section of the company, you can comma separate and add multiple email accounts if you wish, this has been shown below. 

Please note that the Platform checks for breaches every 3 hours, it will keep sending emails until the breaches are resolved however the same email won't be sent twice in the same 6 hour window. 

What Does The Email Look Like?

The emails will appear with a message detailing that there is a delay with orders getting to your customers followed by an option to click into the dashboard and deal with the orders. A message stating "WE EXPECT THESE TO BE DEALT WITH AND CLEARED IN 24 HOURS" will be highlighted as these issues should be dealt with. Below is a breakdown of what message will be received dependant on the status within the Supply Chain Dashboard. 
  1. PROBLEM ORDERS - These are orders that are showing as QC query. If the order needs to be cancelled or delayed then please contact customer services with the order reference number, reason for delay and revised expected delivery date to the customer. 
  2. NOT ACKNOWLEDGED - These orders have been sent to you but we have not received back an acknowledgement to say that you have received the order. If you have received the orders, please send back an acknowledgement. If you have not received these orders, please raise a ticket with 
  3. OUTSIDE SLA - These orders have breached the Promise Date given to our Next customer, just to reiterate the required dispatch date in Custom Gateway is the date that the customer is expecting the order to be delivered NOT dispatched from yourselves. If you have dispatched the order to the customer already, please immediately update Custom Gateway to Dispatched (Retailer Notified). If there is a delay please contact customer services with the order reference number and revised expected delivery date to the customer. 
  4. STOCK UPDATED - We have not received a full stock inventory update within the last 24 hours. Can you please send a full inventory immediately to ensure that the stock balances are correct. If you have any further queries please email. 
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