Shipping Mapping V2

Shipping Mapping V2

Currently to enable shipping mapping V2 the Sales Channel and Dropship companies must have Incoming Orders > Shipping Mapper Version set to "V2" in advanced settings - this will shortly be on by default.

Shipping mapping in the platform has been updated to allow some additional components to be used as rules and also has the ability to update the shipping prices based on which rule matches.

The new elements are

- Weight (min and max)
- Quantity (min and max)

This means that you can use these in addition to the current rules to allow you to set things such as

- Orders to be delivered to mainland EU between 1 and 999g = Carrier 1
- Orders to be delivered to mainland EU more than 100g = Carrier 2
- Orders to be delivered to USA of between 1 and 3 items = Carrier 3, Method 1
- Orders to be delivered to USA of more than 3 items = Carrier 3, Method 2

The above is just one example, there are a massive amount of possibilities that this ruleset opens.

In addition to the above at the end of the rule you can also set the shipping price inc and exc of taxes so you can control the prices set based on which rule matches

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