Settings | Creating Companies

Settings | Creating Companies


In order to create new Retailer type companies in Platform to sell via different order sources i.e marketplaces such as Amazon or Etsy, you will either need an Enterprise subscription or you will need to contact our support team to add this for you. Please follow the steps below if you have an Enterprise subscription.


2. Login using the user account details that you have been provided with
3. Go to 'Settings' in the top-right hand corner and choose Companies

4. Click on the green button 'Create New'

4. Complete the sections as highlighted & choose 'Retailer' from the 'Type' dropdown

This new Company is now ready to accept orders via your new marketplace order source. From here, you can download Supplier feeds for this new Retailer company which will in turn generate the required dropship integrations between this 'Retailer' & the suppliers of your chosen feeds.
Encryption as rest has been added to companies as an option that can be either enabled or disabled.
For Kornit Konnect users the Platform SSO is now supported

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