Sales Channel Integration | Amazon

Sales Channel Integration | Amazon

Detailed below is an overview of the process for setting up integration between Custom Gateway OMS and the Amazon Marketplace

To get started you will need

1. Amazon Seller Account - register below if you do not have an account 

2. Amazon MWS Key / Token

An MWS token is needed to allow us to be able to interact with Amazon. The user token represents an authorisation for OMS to access Amazon data on behalf of an Amazon Seller.

To get this you need to set Custom Gateway up as a registered third party developer on your seller account
  • Go to your seller central dashboard
  • Click the settings dropdown in the top right of the screen
  • Select the "User Permissions" link
  • Click the button under "Third-party developers and applications" allowing you manage third party access
  • Click the button to authorize and new developer
  • Enter the developer name "Custom Gateway" and one of our developer ID's below depending on your marketplace region

For UK and EU Marketplaces the Developer ID is " 623570218929 "
For the North America Marketplace the Developer ID is " 327469683380
  • Accept the Amazon MWS Licence Agreements and click the Next button.
  • You will then be presented with a screen of identifiers and account tokens.
  • Copy your account identifiers (Vendor ID, MWS Authorization Token and Marketplace ID) as your third-party developer needs them in order to programmatically access your Amazon seller account.
  • Paste your account identifiers into an e-mail and send it to your Custom Gateway Onboarder or Support Engineer It is also a good practice to print this page and save it in a safe place.

With these details Custom Gateway can then move forwards to connect your Amazon account and OMS. This relies on the product you sell on Amazon also being in CPP, this may require SKU mapping to transpose SKU coming in from Amazon to match up to CPP products. 

Update - There is now an option on the Amazon integration called "Skip Unknown Products". When enabled, any SKUs that aren't found in CPP will be ignored. On a multi line order, only the items with recognised SKUs will be imported into OMS. If the order has no recognised SKUs then the entire order will be ignored and not imported.

Updated Amazon Retailer Integration Features
At KornitX we have continued to develop updates for variants and this is due to the fact we pride ourselves on constant evolution and the release of new features and enhancements every week. We have detailed each new variant enhancement below. If you are interested in knowing what features arrive, they will be continually updated within the "Core Platform Feature Updates" Article - CLICK HERE
This will continue to be updated below whenever a new enhancement is rolled out to improve variants, a time stamp will be labelled with each feature
Amazon Retailer Integration now has last exported time in settings
This was added on 03-02-2020
Within settings of a company, when setting an amazon retailer integration you can see whenever the orders were last exported - meaning its clearer for our customers to see when orders were last exported

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