Production | Capacity Planner

Production | Capacity Planner


The Capacity Planner is a feature that has been added to the Kornit X Platform to be used in connection with your website to confirm that stock is available to fulfil and order before the customer is even able to place that order, making it easier to manage your customers expectations. 
Please note, this is a feature that is available to users who need Capacity Planner as part of their production, for anyone who wishes to use the Capacity Planner as a feature we recommend finding out if this is something that would help your production.

How do I access the Capacity Planner?

In order to access the Capacity Planner, users with explicit access to the section will be able to find "Capacity Planner" within the "Production" menu as shown below. 

Once the page has loaded you will be greeted with looking at the Capacity Plan for products on a "Daily" or "Monthly" occurrence.

How to use the Capacity Planner Day View

The "Daily" view will give users the options to set the Date, Fulfiller and Categories to be able to see the capacity stock for the required item. There is also a search box to target a specific product ID as well as make the page appear in full screen. 

As for the data listed per item you will see the SKU, Barcode (if set), Name, Fulfiller, Capacity Number, Dispatched Number and Allocated Number of stock.
Please note the stock number of the last 3 options can be manually changed one by one by typing into the text box. 
In the below screenshot you can see the Capacity for the day has been set to "10". This means on the sale of the website there is stock for 10 of the item, meaning 10 orders can be allocated and dispatched. The numbers shown will change throughout the day when the item is ordered online, Once the capacity of 10 has been fulfilled the item will no longer be orderable for that day.

Within the Daily view there is an option that can be used to update any 0 values with one button. By selecting the "Set Missing" option shown below a window will appear on the page telling you to "Please enter capacity for all items" for those set with 0. 

Once a value of say 10 is added the products listed below for that day will all update to 10. As shown below by using the "Set Missing" feature we can update the capacity that was once 0 on multiple items to 10. 

How to use the Capacity Planner Month View

The Monthly view is slightly different and is more useful for managing the capacity of stock throughout a monthly period. As shown below we are targeting the specific product and we can see for the month of July 2022 the "Capacity", "Dispatched" and "Allocated" product stock per day split by Monday to Sunday of that week. The "Month" view will also show the Fulfiller, Categories and options to search via the name of SKU of a specific product. 

Users can toggle back to older months by using the up and down arrows set next to the Month as shown below with us toggling back to April 2022 within that item. This means there is a historic trial that users can go back on when needed. This also means capacity can be set for months far into the future such as December which would deal with Christmas orders. 

The options for displaying in "Day" or "Month" can be chosen by changing the below toggle bar as shown below allowing for different ways to display the data. 

The screen for the Capacity Planner can be set and displayed on a machine within your factory by using the full-screen option which ill make it easier to track the capacity as shown below.

The "Set Missing" feature is only accessible within the "Day" view so users cannot set the capacity for products on a monthly basis for those values set to 0. 
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