Platform Glossary of Terms

Platform Glossary of Terms

This article contains a glossary of terminology we use to try and help explain what each one means.

Accounting Integration
We use these to pass information from the platform to accounting software
Application Programming Interface - API's are what we use to integrate with other systems in a lot of cases
Bins are used to consolidate items from the same order together before dispatch so they can be shipped together
Blank Product
Are products set up by fulfillers which are set up and ready to take new designs or personalisation, these form the basis of virtual products
Catalog Module
The module in the platform that deals with products, designs and proofing
Stands for Custom Product Platform and used to be our frontend system for managing products. This has been updated in the consolidated platform system to be the new CATALOG Module
Is a company type in the platform. A dropship company is not a true company and is used to form a connection between a retailer and fulfiller
Stands for Direct to Fabric and is a digital production method for printing directly onto fabric
Stands for Direct to Garment and is a digital production method for printing directly onto garments
Stands for Enterprise resource planning which is software that managed accounting, procurement, project management among other things. We can integrate with ERP systems from the Platform
Feeds from our SALES module allow you mechanisms to take products out of the system and into your own retail site
Floor Module
The module in the platform that deals with the production on the floor, printing, quality control, branding and dispatching
Fulfillers (formally suppliers) are a company type tied to products in the Catalog and reference real fulfillers who produce dropship and on demand items
Is a communication protocol and is used for secure communication over a computer network, and is widely used on the Internet.
Job Template
Is a collection of rules that defines which orders can form a production job. This was formally known as a batch template in the platform
Notification Integration
These are integrations where communications out can be managed such as email / SMS
Stands for Order Management system and used to be our front end system for managing orders and production. This has been updated in the consolidated system and split into the SALES, PRODUCTION and FLOOR Modules
Is a company type in the platform that acts a group, other company types can be connected to a single organisation for admin purposes
Payment Integration
These are intgrations which facilitate payment of orders in the platform
Is our Product Onboarding System and if you interact with out Paid Services teams for product creation you will use POBS to check and sign off your products
Print Job
Is generated from our smartlink app tools and it stores all of the choices the customer name, any text and images added to products and allows print ready artwork to be generated by the platform
Print Layout
A merging of one or more print area outputs into a new output from the system.
Print on Demand Item
Is an item where the artwork is fixed but is printed on demand to avoid a stock holding
Product State
Is a collection of data defining how a product is configured or personalised and can be recalled later or used to generate a print job
Production Centre
These are a company type in the system - Production Centres are define areas and departments using our Floor Module
Production Integration
These integrations pass production ready files out of the platform to printers
Production Module
The module in the platform that deals with jobs, bins and stock inventory
A proof is a B2B term in the promotional sector and is the process of sending mockups for sign off
Is an image format made up of pixels, common formats are PNG and JPG
Retailers are a company type in the platform that define a specific retailer putting orders into the Sales Module
Retailer Integration
Retailer Integrations are a mechanism for orders to be put into the Sales Module
RIP Integration
These integrations facilitate third party RIP processes from inside the platform
Sales Module
The module in the platform that deals with orders and order management
Our FLOOR module has many scanpoints which are efficient barcode scanning points to allow quick and seamless workflow
Is a link that can be embedded in an iframe or used straight in the browser to leverage our front end personalisation engine and configure products with live preview
Smartlink App Layout
Is a layout which changes the UI of our smartlinks, each app layout have a different user interface and different tools
Supplier Integration
Supplier Integrations are mechanisms we can use to send orders out of the platform to a suppliers system for production
Textual Item
Is a personalised item where the personalisation is text based only and no preview is needed so may be suitable to items with just name personalisation for example
Is a combination of options which create a unique variant of a product with its own SKU, for example a tshirt has sizes and colours and their combinations are variants
A vector graphic is made up of points and curves based on mathematical equations
Virtual Product
Is a combination of a blank product and a design which can then be posted for sale.
Wholesale Blank Product
Is a product created by a wholesale blanks supplier - these suppliers do not print and are not on demand fulfillers but they supply the blank items to the fulfillers.
Wholesale Blanks Supplier
Are suppliers who specifically provide blank products for fulfillers to further embelish
Stands for Warehouse Management System and is a type of system we can integrate with using our stock feeds and production integrations

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