KornitX Platform Imports - Simple Stock (Creation Only)

KornitX Platform Imports - Simple Stock (Creation Only)

We offer this quick and easy way for fulfillers to create basic Stock Products which can be used for configurable stock items within variants or just to quickly create stock products to be sold on retailer websites.

The headers for this import have been listed below.
  • product.supplier_company_name (this is the name of your fulfiller company)
  • product.supplier_company_ref_id (this is the 5 to 6 digit numerical reference code for the fulfiller company)
  • product.supplier_sku (the fulfiller SKU for this product)
  • product.name (the name of the product)
  • product.categories (this is the 5 to 6 digit numerical reference code for the product category)

  • Only fulfuller users can use this import as the fulfiller company name and reference must be included to run the import successfully.

    I have also linked an example of the import but like stated above you will need to have a valid supplier company to be able to run this import. Please remove the second row on this spreadsheet before running an import as this is just some example text.

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