KornitX Platform Imports & Exports - Personalisation Areas

KornitX Platform Imports & Exports - Personalisation Areas

What Are The Personalisation Areas?
Essentially, personalisation areas on a product refer directly to the image and text areas that can be set and updated via this import found within Catalog. This includes being able to mass update names, internal names, X&Y Positions, text input patterns and image areas width and heights.
This import was built in order for fulfillers to have a quicker way to mass amend data associated to the personalisation areas. 
What Changes Can I Make With This Import?

The following is a list of changes is what changes you can make to a product via this import, an easier solution for personalisation area updates than the Excel import/export which can break products easily. 

  1. Area names (The image or text area names) - “area.name” 
  2. Area type (Whether or not its an “image” or “text” type) - “area.type 
  3. Area Internal names (set an internal name against an image or text area) - “area.internal_name 
  4. Area X and Y positions (set where the area will be stored within a product) - “area.x” and “area.y 
  5. Text Area Input pattern (This is input rule) - “text_area.input_pattern_regex 
  6. Image area width and heigh (control size of the image area in mm) - “image_area.width” and “image_area.height 

Using the export will generate the following fields which need to be set on every import of this you run, those are listed below 

  1. Product ID (7-digit unique product id) - “product.id” 
  2. Area product ID (generated for every image or text area) - “area.product_id 
  3. Area ID (The ID of the text or image area) - “area.id” 
These IDs can only be found by using the export
This import is only currently possible for image and text areas – other functionality elements like colour areas and attributes are not included in this import.  
Can You Show Me How To Run This Import
This has been demoed for this import and export in the following video

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