How to Install the Virtual Product Warehouse Shopify App

How to Install the Virtual Product Warehouse Shopify App

Please note that there are multiple Shopify apps each with their own method of creation, setup / installation. These instructions pertain only to the VPW Shopify App.

The below Video shows the simple install process for the Content Gateway VPW Shopify App

The below instructions are the for installing the app manually not through the Shopify Store 

The installation of the VPW Shopify app is split into steps that require action from both the Shopify Admin and also Custom Gateway.

1) Shopify Admin Task - The first task is to install the shopify app, at this time it is a private app not publically available through the app store so must be installed via a URL

This URL needs modification, you need to add your shopify store URL in the section below in BOLD RED

https:// /admin/oauth/request_grant?client_id=fc446c0a23e5b565931061a9ca58d9de&

Your store URL is visible in the address bar when logged into shopify admin.

Follow the simple install instructions until you hit the page saying your account has not yet been approved.

This will trigger and email to both Custom Gateway and yourself to confirm set up and request activation

2)  Custom Gateway Task  - The email mentioned above will automatically raise a support ticket which will detail the retailer company which has been created. This company needs to be verified and activated in OMS. Once activated you can take the Company Ref ID and search this in Users under "OAuth Users" in the "Primary Company" Filter

This should return a single result which you edit and go to the "Product Categories" Tab

This user needs to be given access to product categories that contain the content the retailer requires access to.

NOTE - At this time only Content Gateway Fulfilled product can be available.

Once this is done Custom Gateway should notify the Shopify Admin that the account is activated.

This process could take up to 24 hours to be completed.

3)  Shopify Admin Task  - Once activated you can go to the VPW app in the APPS section in Shopify and you will see an "Add Products" button which you can click and open a popup where you can select products you wish to import and when ready click "Add Products" at the bottom

NOTE - Products that show "RRP: No price - cannot be added" is because at this time they are not available in the region your shopify store is tied to. Only products which show valid RRP can be selected and imported

When products have been added you can see them in the normal products admin with Shopify and modify any data including descriptions from default and add to sales channels etc.

Shopify Themes and Templates

The VPW Shopify app provided by Custom Gateway does not make any modifications to the Shopify store's liquid page templates.

This means that the feature set that the app provides is fairly limited in some areas.

For example Shopify does not provide a way of using custom thumbnails in the shopping cart without making changes to liquid page templates and therefore the end user will only see the stock product thumbnails in the cart and not thumbnails with their personalisation applied.

The app intentionally avoids making liquid page templates so that it can be installed on the most number of stores as possible (different store themes may use radically different liquid templates).

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