Sales Channel Integration | Etsy

Sales Channel Integration | Etsy


The Etsy integration utilises the Etsy API in order to pull orders from Etsy into Order Manager. It will also automatically update the order once it is shipped in Order Manager and ship it in Etsy.
The term 'Etsy' is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This application uses the Etsy API but is not endorsed or certified by Etsy, Inc.
2023 saw the introduction of Etsy V3, this article has documented how to update to the latest version within the "How To Update To V3" section of the article. 

Setup and Authentication

Firstly go to the companies section and search for the Sales Channel Company you want to pull your Etsy order into, Then go to the "Sales Channel Integrations" option and select Etsy and click "Etsy" from the list. 

Please note the below instructions refer to API Version 2, details for how to set up Version 3 are found further down the article. 
That will popup the below list. First ensure that "2" is selected as the "API Version" and then to add the required authentication you simply click Get Access Tokens; this will open up a login page for you to login to your Etsy seller account and allow us to access your sales data in order to create orders within Order Manager. Once this is done the Oauth Token and Secret will be manually filled in so please don't edit these fields unless you have been told to do so by a Kornit X Engineer or Onboarder. 

The following list details fields of the integration that must be set up. 
  1. The `Shop name` field is required and this is simply the name of your shop on Etsy.
  2. The `Use Due Date from Etsy` checkbox will, when enabled, make the integration set the required dispatch date to the due date we receive from Etsy.
  3. The `Add your BCC on to Shipping Email`  Will make Etsy bcc you onto the shipping confirmation emails it sends out once an order is confirmed as shipped, It will use the email from your Etsy account for this BCC
Please refer to the following Supplier Map help article for information on the use of a supplier map:

How To Update To V3

You can now update your Etsy Integration to use Version 3 of the API, the latest version as of 2023. All new customers are advised to use version 3 and historical users of version 2 can update if they want.. We have made this easy to update, to do so simply select "3" from the dropdown shown below.

Once selected the Integration menu will update with the "Oauth Token" and "Oauth Secret" removed and replaced with the below menus of "OAuth2 Access Token", "OAuth2 Access Token Expiry" and "Oauth2 Refresh Token". 

To generate the Refresh Token, click the button and you will be asked to sign into your Etsy account and the token will be added. Once set the integration will be updated to the latest API version. 

Integration Workflow

Once you enable the integration we will start pulling orders from your Etsy account. Since Etsy doesn't allow us to pull by status we instead get fetch all of the orders and every time we pull we update a internal field that stores the date we last pulled orders so that we are able to only get orders that are created after the last time we pulled orders so that we don't fetch duplicate orders.
The orders are pulled in as Textual orders and they will add any Variations as attributes to the order item.
Once an order is dispatched or set to "Shipper Received" then we will push a dispatch notification to Etsy including the tracking code and carrier name from the order if present.
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