Create Your First | Virtual Products: Design

Create Your First | Virtual Products: Design


DESIGN is a simplified Virtual Product Creation routine focussed on creative efficiency. It allows you to select one or multiple Blank Products, and to interactively create and apply a simple design to all of them in a single operation. This serves as an effective way to create a range of Virtual Products to publish and sell online without needing to use an artwork package.

This creation process is best suited for creating a batch of Virtual Products that feature basic personalisation, and for platform users that have limited graphic design ability who can utilise the interactive tools to build their designs.  Created Designs can be applied to a single location only eg Front of a garment.

Please Note, the DESIGN process is not well suited for;
  1. Volume / Bulk Virtual Creation - in this scenario the Artwork creation process is better suited
  2. Precision personalisation formatting - in this scenario the Manual creation process is better suited.
  3. Targeting multiple Print Areas - in this scenario the Product Designer is better suited.

What do I need?

  1. Access to a Blank Product in Catalog
  2. Image file/s

Image Formatting Guidelines

Accepted Format: JPG, PNG
File Size: Up to 40mb
Recommended File Resolution: 300dpi (lower resolutions are accepted)
Recommended Colour Mode: RGB

How does it work?

Access Product Manager and click the '+New Product' button:

From the 'Create Product' menu select Virtual > Design creation process:

Clicking the 'Design' creation process opens a 3-step routine.

Step 1: Select Blanks

The 'Select Blanks' step shows a pre-filtered list of any Blank Products that your user account has access to. One or more Blank Products must be selected before you can continue to the next step.
Search and filter options allow specific Blank Products to be located.
  • Select Blank Products using the tick box next to each product listing. 
Tip: It is possible to use the "Select All" tick box to actively select all Blanks based on the active filters  select all of the available blanks which can be found within entire categories and fulfiller blanks.
  1. Click 'Continue' to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Select Design

The 'Select Design' step shows thumbnails of the selected Blank Products.

Use the 'Add Design' button to open the Design Library:


The Design Library shows a list of existing Designs that are associated with your user account, with search / filter options to allow you to find them. Additionally, there are options for adding new Designs, which upon creation will be available for immediate selection within the Design Library (and for future use).
Note: Any Designs previously created via Settings > Product Designs are automatically added to your Design Library for use in this routine.

  1. + Create: Allows you to create and add an entirely new Design by uploading images and/or adding text via an interactive 'drag and drop' tool.
Example Use case: You want to interactively create a new Design using the system tools to add images and text.

  1. PSD: Add a new Design by uploading a specifically formatted .psd file. Click here for more information on PSD Formatting Requirements >>
Example Use case: You have a skilled artist / graphic designer that is familiar with or prefers to work in Photoshop to create designs.

After a Design has been selected, the routine will progress automatically to the next step. 

Step 3: Product Review

The Product Review step shows preview thumbnails for every Virtual Product that will be created based on the selected Blanks and applied Design.

Each Virtual Product thumbnail is clickable and allows the following capabilities;
  1. Delete/Cancel: Removes the Virtual Product from the review list

  1. Choose Colours: Specify which colours (from those available) you want to apply the Design to. Only selected colours will be enabled on the created Virtual Product.

  1. Edit Design: Adjust the Design per Virtual, to better fit the Blank Product that has been selected.

  1. Preview: Opens the Virtual Product in a larger window to show the design and associated functionality options.

When a review is complete, specify an appropriate Category location for the Virtual Products to be placed within, and then click to 'Create Virtual Products'.

The Virtual Products are then created and added to the specified Category within Product Manager. The following options are presented;
  1. Feeds: Generate a feed to publish the newly created Virtual Products
  2. Multi-Edit: Open all created Virtual Products to be edited in a sequence based operation
  3. List: Shows all newly created Virtual Products in an isolated list
  4. Exit: Close the wizard and return to Product Manager

Congratulations - you have just created Virtual Products using DESIGN!

What's next?

We have just gone through the key steps in creating a Virtual Product via the Design routine. You can continue to create Virtual Products in this way to create more batches of Virtual Products as desired.

Can I create or add Designs outside of the wizard?
Yes, via the Settings > Product Designs menu. Designs can be created manually or via PSD Import and can be managed from this location directly. Any changes are reflected in future uses of the Design process. 

Can I add personalisation?
Yes, simply add text in your Design. Added text in this batch process utilises basic formatting only.

Can I change how the design gets applied to avoid cropping?
You can use the edit tools in the Review step to position the design elements to fit each of the products more desirably.

Can I use a blank product with multiple print areas?
Yes but be aware that the design will be applied to the first area only.

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