KornitX Platform Imports & Exports - Pricing Tier Groups

KornitX Platform Imports & Exports - Pricing Tier Groups


The following article details the pricing tier group import and export which is one of our most advanced imports to date. This import allows users to set multiple different pricing and element types which allows for comprehensive pricing detail to be set against your products. 

There are 3 different versions of the Pricing Tier Groups export, allowing vast amounts of data to be split into separate exports that use the exact same import option regardless. 
  1. All Current Pricing
  2. Variants
  3. Print Areas
Please note when running imports for new or existing pricing every field of the CSV must be included, importing just the values you need may lead to inaccurate data.

What Pricing Types Can Be Set?

There are multiple prices that can be set including Cost (Ex Tax), Trade (Ex Tax), Carriage Cost (Ex Tax), RRP (Inc Tax) and Retail (Inc Tax). Below is a break down of the numerical value associated to each pricing type.
Pricing Type
Numerical Value For Import
Cost Price
Trade Price
RRP Price
Retail Price
Shipping Cost Price

What Element Pricing Can I Set?

On top of these options we can also set pricing for “Elements” within a product to ensure we can import to enable additional pricing for the following options.  
  1. Base - Base cost of the entire product. 
  2. "Variant" - Variant pricing specific to a chosen variant.
  3. "Attribute" - Attribute Pricing, specific to a chosen attribute.
  4. Text Area - Text Area pricing, to add a charge if a text area selected.
  5. Image Area - Image Area pricing, to add a charge if a image area selected.
  6. Print Area - Print Area pricing, to add a charge if a print area is used. 
  7. Stitch Count (1000s) -Stitch count, in relation to embroidery products. 
  8. "Setup" - Setup cost in relation to embroidery products.
  9. Colour Count  - Colour count, in relation to embroidery products.
  10. "Attribute Value Quantity" - Quantity of an attribute value working with Production>Inventory to manage stock. 
Please note that for the All Current Pricing export all elements can be exported but you can use the print area or vairantd vesions to only export pricing data for those specific elements. 
Below are the numerical values you must use to associate with these elements. 
Element Type
Numerical Values For Import
Text Area
Image Area
Print Area
Stitch Count (1000s)
Colour Count
Attribute Value Quantity

Additional Entries For Pricing Import

The below lists additional entries that can be set for your pricing import including a breakdown on what each option means. 
  1. Currency (using the currency code - “GBP”, “USD”, etc)
  2. Seller (The seller cost, only works with retail or RRP cost by using company ref ID)
  3. Buyer (The buyer cost which is set on everything but retail or RRP by using company ref ID)
  4. Quantity Break (quantity per price type)
  5. Price (the actual price, unlike legacy import this is unique for every price type 
Regarding Shopify Pricing, please refer to the following article - KornitX Platform Imports & Exports - How To Set Shopify Pricing.
The import can also be used to now delete pricing in mass, this is via the following 2 fields which need a positive “1”value if the idea is to delete and pricing - “tier_group._delete” and “tier_price.delete”.