Catalog | Product Manager - Product Classification

Catalog | Product Manager - Product Classification

What Is The Product Classification?

Within platform you now have the ability to set a product classification against your items, this is found within the eCommerce export and can be used as a search term within "Product Manager" and "Feeds".
This is an optional field to add data to, this is not a requirement

Where Is The Classification Used?

The main use case of the product classification is from the feeds section, which can then be used to search for products that fit the classification. You can access feeds by going into the "Sales" module dropdown and selecting "Feeds" from the list. This has been shown in the below screenshot.

For more details on feeds, please refer to this article - CLICK HERE

What Classifications Can I Set?

You can set classification for the follow fields detailed below,
  1. Clothing & Apparel
  2. Cases, Skins & Bags
  3. Home Decor
  4. Cards & Stationary
  5. Mugs & Drinkware
  6. Kitchen & Living
  7. Food, Drink & Confectionary
  8. Wall & Desktop Art
  9. Books & Newspapers
  10. Pet Products
  11. Toys & Games
  12. Calendars & Diaries
  13. Signs & Displays
  14. Jewellery & Engraved Gifts
  15. Labels & Identification
  16. Business Stationary

How Do I set the Classification?

There are two methods here. You can either go into your product and heading into any product and heading to the "Product Details" and "Basic" menu where you can see the dropdown as shown below.

Alternatively you can set this data using our "eCommerce Data" import by using the fields "" and "product.classification". Please use the spelling of the listed classifications on this article. Entering the spelling incorrect will result in the import erroring. 
For more details on the eCommerce Data import, please refer to this article - CLICK HERE
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