Calculate Pricing V2

Calculate Pricing V2

A Sales Channel now has an advanced setting under "Incoming Orders" for "Calculate Pricing V2"

This works with Pricing Beta and "Trade Ex VAT" prices only to calculate trade pricing on orders that come into the system based on all options available inside the Pricing Beta section.

This means you can amend the trade price on orders based on things like how many print areas have been used and the variant of the garment (for example charge different rates for different garment sizes).

If enabled, when the orders come into the Platform the pricing will be calculated and replace anything sent with the order.

In the below screen I have set this product up as

BASE product price is £8.99
If the FRONT print area is used charge £3 in addition
If the BACK print area is used charge £2 in addition
If the variant with the SKU STTU758-W-S is ordered charge £1 addition

The Fulfiller must add their Fulfiller Company to the  seller dropdown to save the trade pricing.

I then proceeded to place and order with a print on the Front and Back and the pricing has been applied correctly

£8.99 + £2 + £3 = £13.99

This can easily be used in conjunction with our Payment or Accounting Integrations to manage Sales Channels you Fulfil for.

NOTE - This must be set up on the SALES CHANNEL company and only works on prices set up as "Trade (ex VAT)"
NOTE - When virtual products are ordered the pricing is calculated from their base product

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