Blank Products | Supplier Artwork Guidelines

Blank Products | Supplier Artwork Guidelines

Supplier Artwork Guidelines is a new Product Asset slot that has been added for Blank Products.

The intention is that Fulfillers can use this slot to upload a print template / specification for the product so that this information is available to reference by Retailers and Designers.

Armed with this information, the designer will be able to ensure that the artwork files they are creating will match the Blank print specification perfectly when they are creating Virtual products in the platform.

Benefits to Fulfillers
  1. Instantly accessible by all current and future Retailers, Brands, Designers and Influencers in the Platform that are creating Virtual products from the Blank
  2. Use the Blank product in Platform as your single point of truth with all the latest information relevant to its production.
  3. Easily amendable as required
  4. Avoids confusion when designing, particularly on more complicated product setups
  5. Likely to reduce the need for reprints if the guidelines have been adhered to correctly
Benefits to Retailers
  1. May include information on Bleed and Safe areas
  2. May indicate fold lines, seams or other areas of interest you may wish to be aware of
  3. May provide an actual template file to design with
  4. Design in confidence knowing that if your file conforms to the Fulfiller's guidelines the product will print exactly as expected.
As a Fulfiller, where can I upload my guidelines?
Go to the Basic Details page on the Blank product that you have created and expand the 'Assets' tab.

The file can be uploaded against the Supplier Artwork Guidelines slot

What format must my file(s) be?
The following file formats can be uploaded to the Supplier Artwork Guidelines slot:


The .zip option is for when you wish to provide multiple files.  Compress them into a single Zip archive first.

As a Retailer or Designer how can I access the Supplier Artwork Guidelines?
Go to the Basic Details page on the Blank product that you wish to create the Virtual product for

Expand the Assets tab (see screenshot in previous section)

Download the template or guidelines from the Supplier Artwork Guidelines slot

Example File
Attached to this article is an example Fulfiller's print template

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