What To Do If My Systems Appears Down

What To Do If My Systems Appears Down

If you have issues accessing the Custom Gateway platform, there are some initial checks you can make to determine the nature or cause of the issue.

1. Check with other operators to see if the issue is present on just the device you're using or if it's happening on other devices too.
2. Does the issue relate to just one order or function within the platform?
3. Check that the devices you are using to access the Custom Gateway platform, has an internet connection.
4. Check the status of the Custom Gateway platform at https://status.custom-gateway.net/
5. Reboot your device.

If after making these checks you still have an issue, contact Custom Gateway Support by calling 0330 500 1522 and selecting Option 1 for Support or speaking to one of the team via the Live Chat window on our website or emailing support@custom-gateway.com to raise a support ticket.

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