Third Party eCommerce Website Plugins

Third Party eCommerce Website Plugins

We have worked with a number of developers who have created plugins to popular ecommerce platforms which can help take some of the work out of setup.

These plugins are all directly supported by the developers who created them

- Costs: € 750 one off
- Contact Person:

- Costs: € 985 one off or € 79 per month (one off version does include updates and support for 12 months only)
- Contact Person:

- Plugin has to be bought via de developer (contact via email)
- One off Costs: € 499 for the plugin + € 899 for setup (incl. dedicated installation support)
- Contact Person:

Lightspeed (SEOshop):
- Plugin has to be bought via de developer (contact via email)
- One off Costs € 999 
- Contact Person:

- One off Costs $750 
- Contact Person:

More information on plugins can be requested from the developers or by emailing us at

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