Smartlink Apps | Smartlink Builder Overview

Smartlink Apps | Smartlink Builder Overview

Smartlinks can be configured to suit different use cases and offer control over the end user journey. The available apps that the user can choose from will be detailed within this article. This article will offer information on the core standard apps and what each one can do.
The purpose of smartlink builder is to allow users to configure the app and its journey, from setting everything from configuring the ACP to selecting your dropship integration. You can find the Smartlnk apps by heading to the top right Settings cog wheel and selecting the "Smartlink Apps" Section which is shown below. 
The Smartlink Apps in this article are for standard use cases, meaning anyone with access to platform can use these
There is more information to be read about smartlink apps, please reference this article to see more information on general setup menus and a feature breakdown - CLICK HERE
What Apps Are Available To All Users?
Users can pick from a variety of our standard apps when using Smartlink Builder, details for these can be found below.
  1. ACP

  1. Basic

  1. Cards

  1. Ceres

  1. Digital

  1. Embroidery

  1. Eris

  1. Flow

  1. Garment

  1. Kiosk

  1. Mobile

  1. No Preview

  1. Pluto

  1. Print On Demand

  1. Proof

  1. Selector

  1. Stepped

  1. Three Column

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