Seller Portal Publish: Smartlinks

Seller Portal Publish: Smartlinks

Smartlinks allow users a standalone link for a product generated in Seller Portal which can be viewed, personalised where available and purchased without the need for it to be embedded in an ecommerce site.

This works using STRIPE checkout which on clicking the “Add to Bag” button we pass to for payment. Because of this the Seller Portal owner must have a STRIPE account that can take the payments. The Stripe public and private keys can be added to the portals configuration, details on how to get these from stripe can be found here -

The smartlink uses the app defaults on the blank product which are inherited by the virtual.

The process users the Seller Portal logged in users primary company as the company ref. If this does not have its own Stripe private key it will take this from the admin company. Please make sure you add the Stripe Private Key to the Admin company on the seller portal manually.

Stripe allows shipping rates to be set inside it which can be harnessed by the integration (shipping rates field on the advanced setting of the network organisation company under the Stripe tab). These shipping rates can be specific to destination country, currency and product weight. If you are logged into stripe the rates can be set up here All rates in Stripe are flat, one rate to one currency to one amount so a number of rates have to be set up to fill the portal owners needs. Each rate when set up will have a reference which needs to be used in some simple JSON so build the rules. This JSON has to be a single line, an example of this is below along with an expanded example to make it easier to see the structure.


[ { "shipping_rate":"shr_1JJb1yKcJ2eI208SHxorsh7r", "country_codes":"AU", "currency":"AUD", "min-weight":1, "max-weight":249 }, { "shipping_rate":"shr_1JJb0TKcJ2eI208SmRyOlVBv0", "country_codes":"AU", "currency":"EUR", "min-weight":1, "max-weight":249 }]



















Some useful tools for the creation and validation of this json are below

You can set a shipping rate up and call it against a country. The Smartlink app used must allow for shipping country to be added before passing to stripe

Smartlinks have an option to use the URL shortening service Rebrandly. Seller Portal clients wanting to use this need to create their own accounts and this is a third party paid for service. When their account is activated you need to get their Workspace ID and API key as well as the name of any custom domain set up. Rebrandly was chosen specifically as it allows for a custom domain for be set up for use with shorteners. The default rebrandly shortened URLs are in the format

Updated Seller Portal Smartlinks Features

At KornitX we have continued to develop updates for variants and this is due to the fact we pride ourselves on constant evolution and the release of new features and enhancements every week. We have detailed each new enhancement below. If you are interested in knowing what features arrive, they will be continually updated within the "Core Platform Feature Updates" Article - CLICK HERE
Smartlinks Published On Seller Portals Can Now Have Custom CSS On The Success Page
This was added on 29-11-2021
Development was updated to offer users the ability to set custom CSS on the success page of your smart links. This ensures you can carry custom CSS on every page of your smartlink to improve consistency. 
Saving & Publishing Of Specific Aspects On Virtual Products
This was added on 07-06-2021
Development was updated here to ensure that certain aspects on virtual products can be disabled or enabled if the user wishes for a virtual product to be available in multiple colour options. This has been shown in the screenshot below and within a virtual this is a typical "On" or "Off" option, so you have ore control over wat colours a virtual is available in.

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