Sales Channel Integration | eBay

Sales Channel Integration | eBay

This article has been created to show how to setup the sales channel integration Kornit X has built to connect to eBay. 

What can be achieved with the eBay Sales Channel Integration

The eBay Sales Channel Integration has been set to make it easy for users to sell their personalised products through eBay. Customers can personalise the text on the product listing pages. For users to be able to set up this integration they must set the following prerequisites.
  1. Add the "Personalise" item specific to the relevant listings.
  2. Provide relevant personalisation instructions for customers.
  3. Enable the "Message to Seller" option. 
Details on how to enable an Integration with eBay can be found here

Integration Setup

To setup the eBay ales Channel Integration, users should head to the required company and within the advanced options selecting "Sales Channel Integrations and clicking to enable the eBay options. This has been shown below. 

While setting this up, users need to set the enabled tick, set the version to latest and enter their Client ID, Client Secret & Redirect URi (RuName). These details will be known by those connected to eBay. 
We suggest ensuring the "Skip On Error" flag is NOT ticked. If this is tickets, it can prevent orders from being pulled into Order Manager within Sales. 
Users will then need to add the API Access Token and to do so please click the "Get Access Token" button which will redirect users to the eBay account login page. Once logged into the eBay account, the required field will be filled in with the API Access Token. Upon doing this, users can click save and the integration will be enabled. 
The following fields will be generated by the application so there is no need to manually set the "Last Order Creation Date Time", "Access Token Expiration Timestamp", "API Refresh Token" or the "Refresh Token Expiration Timestamp".

Product Setup Requirements

Products need to be set in a specific way in order for orders to auto-convert to print jobs. Text areas need to be named as "text" only and must also have a maximum character value set. 
eBay currently ONLY supports text personalisation with 1 line of text. 
Where it is not possible to name text areas to "Text", users can use field mapping to map to the value via the following 2 methods - Manually Field Mapping Setup or Using the Field Map Import. 
For details on field mapping please refer to these articles - Manual Field Mapping & Field Map Import

Getting Orders from eBay

Orders for companies with the eBay sales channel integration enabled on the status of received will be sent to eBay and the Kornit X System every hour.

Once a valid access token has been obtained, orders made on the sellers eBay account can be retrieved from eBay. Orders retrieved will have the status "NOT_STARTED" and a creation date greater OR equal to the creation date of the last order retrieved from eBay. 

Linking back to the "Last Order Creation DateTime" field within the integration setup will be automatically updated after every order retrieved from eBay. The status of the order is specified internally within the application and cannot be altered from the application settings. Any orders that do not meet this criteria are ignored by the application. 

All items returned within orders by the API will contain the personalisation information which will have been provided by the buyer. This information will then be saved within the "Item Attributes" of every order. 
Once an order has been dispatched, the eBay Fulfilment API will be notified and the order on the sellers account will be updated to dispatched. Once this has been done, the orders found within Sales > Order Manager will be updated to the status of "Dispatched Notified". 
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