Production Integrations: Caldera Prime Centre

Production Integrations: Caldera Prime Centre

Kornit X have integrated with Caldera Prime Centre to harness its production benefits in our workflows.

Full details of Prime Centre and its functions and capabilities are available here -

The high level flow can be seen below

The Caldera Prime Centre production integartion can be enabled on a production centre company inside our platform

The screens above show the details needed to enable the Prime Centre integration

Enabled - Yes / No
Auto Transfer Enabled - Yes / No this determines if jobs are sent to S3 as soon as they are ready without manual intervention
Run Interval - How often the integration should run
Start Timestamp (UTC) - Sets the earliest creation time of a job the integration will pick up
Preferred Artwork Format - The artwork format we send to S3
Local Output Path - The local path files will be output
Filesystem Type - S3
Filesystem Root - The directory relative to root
Bucket - The name of the S3 bucket connected
Region - The Amazon region of the S3 bucket
Access Key - The Access Key for the S3 bucket
Access Secret -   The Access Secret for the S3 bucket

Important note - The print job output type must be set to Vector PDF.

We utilise an established method of communication with Caldera which is XML data to provide prepress instructions for how our platform generated files need to be managed

As Caldera runs locally we have to get the output files from the system into the input folders for Caldera efficiently. Our solution is that we push the files into an S3 bucket and then a service called rClone can be run locally to mount S3 as a network drive which is then directly synced and available from the machine running Caldera. The input folder can be set to listen to this shared drive and and pull files in when ready. Full details of how to configure rClone is available here - . Please Note, there are other tools that allow you to access S3 in similar ways, rClone is just an example of one and is not affiliated with us.

The below video was done by Caldera and helps give some context around the capabilities of the Prime Centre Software

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