Product Manager | Updates

Product Manager | Updates


As part of all products within Catalog > Product Manager there is an option to add updates to products. For example, if a blank product has had a range of new aspect option colours or print sizes added there will be a history audit trial of the updates that have been made to your set of products.
The option to add updates can be set on any product type from Virtuals to PODs to Blanks.

How Do I Set Updates To My Products?

To set updates on products simply head to Catalog > Product Manager and select a product from either searching via a specific ID or category. 

Once the product has been opened, within the "General" menu you will see a sub menu for "Updates". 

Once "Updates" has been opened options to add an entry will be displayed with the "+ Entry" button. Please note this page will say "This product doesn't appear to have any update entries" if there are none set already. 

With adding an entry there will be options to set the language from a dropdown and a text entry field to enter a message. The date field will be set as soon as the update has been saved which will be in the format of D M Y 00:00:00, until the entry is saved this will just say "N/A". 

An example of an added entry has been displayed below, as an example of what a note can tell a customer is that this blank product has been updated with additional aspects and has had a size removed due to lack of sales. 

The newest entry will appear above the oldest, ensuring the list of updates works in chronological order. 

How Do Updates Connect To Seller Portal?

The updates feature connects directly to users of our Seller Portal. The updates will act as notifications for users to run through so that they are aware of any updates to existing products such as new aspect options being added or sizes. Below is an example taken from the main Kornit X seller portal. 

The bell icon will be visible with the notification bell which will indicate to users there are new updates to acknowledge. 

Within the window users can read the updates and once checked they can click the "Mark As Read" button, once pressed the notification bell will disappear and become updated the next time a product found in the Seller Portal has been updated. 

When the notification bell is pressed once updates have been acknowledged will display the message "No new updates available". 

For more information on seller portal please refer to the following knowledgebase area - Click Here
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