Payment Integration | Stripe

Payment Integration | Stripe


This article has been created to show how to setup the payment integration Kornit X has built to connect to Stripe. 


To setup the Stripe payment integration, please head to your company  and withn the advance settings head to "Payment Integrations" and click to enable the "Stripe" option. This has been shown below. 

When setting this up  you will need to set your "API Key and "API Secret" which will be provided to you from Stripe before you setup the integration with us. 


With the Stripe Payment integration you can set your Start Timestamp, an option to Include Shipping Price, Descritpion, Price Field (with options for "Unit Cost Price" and "Unit Sales Price"), an Include VAT tick box, Currency (in ISO 3A format), Customer Profile ID, Payment Method ID and Card ID.

There are also further tick box optional options you can set such as "Payment Intents", "Setup Intents" and "Confirm". 

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