Order Status' in OMS Reports

Order Status' in OMS Reports

When generating OMS reports, you may come across a column titled "Statuses"


This column gives the value associated with a specific status shown on an order in OMS. You can find the corresponding status name and description below: 

Status Code Status Name Description
0 Unknown The status of the order is unknown.
1 Received The order has been received by Custom Gateway.
2 Unused Unused
4 In Production (Only when batching is enabled) At least a part of the order has been downloaded by a fulfilment operative.
8 Dispatched The order has been fully dispatched.
32 QC Query The order has a QC query against it.
64 Dispatched (Retailer Notified) Dispatch confirmation has been explicitly pushed to the retailer by Custom Gateway.
128 Cancelled The order has been cancelled.
256 On Hold The order is on hold.
512 Sent to Supplier The order has been routed to an appropriate supplier.
513 Received by Supplier The order has been confirmed as received by an appropriate supplier.
515 Sent to Shipper The order details have been sent to a shipment courier (such as UPS or DPD).
516 Received by Shipper The order details have been confirm by a shipment courier.
517 Pending Dispatch The order is waiting to be confirmed with a shipper.
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