Order Status API

Order Status API

Custom Gateway has developed an order status API to allow the order status of each order to be updated.
The following are examples of the API calls required to set the status of orders received from OMS platform via API:
There are two standard status options supported; dispatch and cancel, depending on whether an order can be fulfilled or not. To dispatch an order using the API, the following call should be executed:
To indicate that an order is fulfilled, the following call should be executed:
curl -X PUT -d '{ "status": 8 }' -H "authorization: basic REFID:APIKEY" -H "content-type: application/json" "https://api-sl-2-2.custom-gateway.net/order/:id/status"

This also supports submitting tracking numbers example below
curl -X PUT -d '{ "status": 8, "shipping_tracking": "ABC"}' -H "authorization: basic REFID:APIKEY -H "content-type: application/json" "https://api-sl-2-2.custom-gateway.net/order/:id/status",

To cancel an order, where it cannot be fulfilled, the following call should be executed:
curl -X PUT -d '{ "status": 128 }' -H "authorization: basic REFID:APIKEY" -H "content-type: application/json" "https://api-sl-2-2.custom-gateway.net/order/:id/status"
In each case, :id is our the order ID we will pass when sending orders.
Please note that Sales Channel companies can also Cancel Orders, this was a recent update to the Order Status API. 

Other supported order status codes:
The following status codes are also supported by the API:
Generally your status callback would not need to handle all possible order statuses.

  • † denotes a status that you should handle at a minimum.

Status Code

Status Name




The order has been fully dispatched.


QC Query

The order has a QC query against it.


Dispatched (Retailer Notified)

Dispatch confirmation has been explicitly pushed to the retailer by Custom Gateway.



The order has been cancelled.


On Hold

The order is on hold.


Sent to Supplier

The order has been routed to an appropriate supplier.


Received by Supplier

The order has been confirmed as received by an appropriate supplier.


Sent to Shipper

The order details have been sent to a shipment courier (such as UPS or DPD).


Received by Shipper

The order details have been confirmed by a shipment courier.

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