Order Manager | Customer Services: Finding Order Information and FAQ's

Order Manager | Customer Services: Finding Order Information and FAQ's


This document will outline how the system can be used to address common order and customer service based queries experienced by Retailers (and Fulfillers).

The Platform is designed to offer a self service Order Management System. Retailers and Fulfillers are encouraged to establish connections and communicate with each other with regards to associated content and orders where necessary.

Order Manager offers Retailers and Fulfillers the ability to see all incoming orders and associated information and should therefore be utilised accordingly prior to contacting Platform Support.
It is important to consider that KornitX does not directly manage any orders, but can help should there be a platform based issue that is negatively impacting an order.

Useful Support Material

KB - Overview of Order Manager:

Academy - We also have an online course for the Order Management System:



The FAQ’s below outline some example scenarios relating to orders, and the steps that can be taken to obtain the necessary information or resolve any associated issues. They are written primarily from a Retailer perspective, but some scenario's extend to require Fulfiller involvement.

Q - What is the current status of the order?
  1. Access Order Manager and search for the Order
  2. The list view offers the current order status at a glance:

  1. Clicking the ‘i’ icon will display the Order Information in full, which also includes Order Status:

Academy Using OMS, Chapter 4 Order Manager >>

Q - What tracking information is available?

A - Tracking information is available for Dispatched Orders if a Tracked Carrier Service is being used.

  1. Access Order Manager and search for the Order

  2. Click the ‘Shipping’ icon to access the shipping details

  1. Method, Carrier and Tracking information will then be displayed:

  1. The Tracking reference can then be used on the associated Carrier website to track the package

Academy Using OMS, Chapter 4 Order Manager >>

Q - How can I check to ensure that the personalisation / artwork is correct?

  1. Access Order Manager and search for the Order

  2. Click the ‘Items’ icon to access the Items Overview

  1. In the Items Overview click Artwork tab to see the associated artwork files. Each of these can be clicked to view the artwork.

  1. The Personalisation and Live Edit tabs can also be used to see the end user personalisation as input when the order was placed.

Academy Using OMS, Chapter 4 Order Manager >>

Q - How can I change the personalisation details / artwork associated with the order?

  1. Access Order Manager and search for the Order

  2. Click the ‘Items’ icon to access the Items Overview

  1. In the Items Overview click ‘Live Edit’ tab to load the stored product state when the original order was placed. 
  1. Use the interactive options to amend the personalisation and click ‘Add to Cart’ to confirm the changes and regenerate the artwork.

*Note for Retailers: It should be considered that once an order has reached the Fulfiller, the Retailer cannot make changes to it. The Fulfiller should be contacted directly.
*Note for Fulfiller: If connected to a Production Job (Batch), any regenerated artwork will not pass through automatically. It is necessary to remove the items from the batch, then rebatch as standard practice.

Q - This item has been received but the personalisation is incorrect / print defect?
A Replacement item can be triggered by both Retailer and Fulfiller;
  1. Retailer can submit a new order from their system, this is most commonly done if the end user (customer) is at fault / has made a mistake.
  1. Fulfillers can duplicate the order to send back through production, this is most commonly done for printing or production based errors / print defects.
    1. In this scenario the Retailer will need to contact the Fulfiller to notify them of the issue.
*Retailers can also duplicate orders, however need to be cautious as this could impact on individual fulfiller replacement policy & orders may go back through to the Fulfiller too quickly for personalisation to be amended.

Q - The customer received a damaged item, how can I process a replacement item to be arranged?
A Replacement item can be triggered by both Retailer and Fulfiller by duplicating the original order

*Whilst Retailers can duplicate orders, it is best to seek input from the Fulfiller in the first instance as it could impact on the individual fulfiller replacement policy.

Q - The item has not yet arrived, and is outside of expected delivery time.
  1. Check the order details to see status or any order related errors 
  2. If dispatched, check to see if there is any tracking information, and use that to search on the relevant courier website.
  3. If no errors and the order is not marked as dispatched, it is necessary to contact the Fulfiller to confirm why the order is not processed.

Q - The product is no longer functional in the iframe, why is this?
A - The products listed in Feeds (formerly VPW) are managed and maintained by the associated Fulfillers. It is possible that items could run out of stock, or no longer be available. In these scenarios the Fulfillers will disable / remove the content to stop any further orders being placed. All Fulfillers are responsible for contacting Retailers to make them aware of this, so that listings etc can be taken down from sale where necessary.

Q - How can I see which bin my order has been added to?
A - The bin number will now show within the view mode of Order Manager meaning it is now easier than ever to see which bin an order will be added to. 

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