Order Routing Networks

Order Routing Networks

Order Fulfilment Networks allows our platform to apply rules against orders that come in so we can route them to different suppliers. Please note, this can also be known as Order Routing Networks but both names provide the same service. 
See the below presentation for more details - Click Here

NOTE - in some cases such as API orders please ensure there is a dropship connection between the sales channel and the fulfiller on the products. The fulfiller does not not need to be on the network but needs to be connected to allow it to work

Multiline Orders     
The Order Fulfilment Networks supports multiline orders but all items will go through the routing rules individually. Any items that route to the same supplier the platform will contain within one order but a single order in could be routed to multiple fulfillers if the rules mean they should.

Updated Order Routing Network Features

At Kornit X we have continued to develop updates for variants and this is due to the fact we pride ourselves on constant evolution and the release of new features and enhancements every week. We have detailed each new variant enhancement below. If you are interested in knowing what features arrive, they will be continually updated within the "Core Platform Feature Updates" Article - Click Here
This will continue to be updated below whenever a new enhancement is rolled out to improve variants, a time stamp will be labelled with each feature
Custom Rules Function Added
This was added on 11-04-2022
Custom Rules can now be set against order routing networks. To set these users simply need to select from the Ruleset dropdown as shown below in the setup of an order routing network. When setting up a network this will be Default but any listed custom rulesets can be used. 

Weights Added To Properties Allowing Percentage Splits Of Orders
This was added on 11-04-2022
Deliverable Countries Added Against A Fulfillers Network Settings
This was added on 11-04-2022
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