CSV Order Import Breakdown

CSV Order Import Breakdown

The following article has been split out from the existing Generic FIlesystem article to show users how to use a CSV format to import textual orders into Order Manager found within the Sales module of the Kornit X Platform.
For information on setting up a Generic Filesystem Sales Channel Integration please refer to this article - CLICK HERE 
Any CSV files uploaded to a generic filesystem integration will be fetched for processing by Order Manager once every 30 minutes, both on the hour and half past the hour.
Successfully processed CSV files get renamed with a timestamp and .complete suffix whilst unsuccessfully processed files gain a .error suffix.

Required CSV Format Details
The following table describes which columns can be included within an Order CSV. An example CSV file can be downloaded from the Attachments section of this article
Column Header
The order reference needed. 
The date and time that the order was placed. The correct date format must be be in the form YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. An example of this is "2022-02-22 14:56:23".
The Company name if used.
Shipping address line 1.
Shipping address line 2, if required.
Shipping address line 3, if required.
Shipping address line 4, if required.
Shipping address line 5, if required.
Shipping postcode.
Shipping country.
Shipping country code the ISO alpha-2 examples should be used. Examples of these can be found here
Shipping method used, for example "Next Day".
Shipping carrier used, for example "Royal Mail"
Billing address line 1, if required. 
Billing address line 2, if required.
Billing address line 3, if required.
Billing address line 4, if required.
Billing address line 5, if required. 
Billing address postcode, if required.
Billing address country, if required. 
The customer name.
The customer email. 
The item SKU taken from a Sales Channel.
A brief item description from the product, usually associated to the ecommerce description.
The item colour text field. 
The item size (arbitrary type).
Quantity of the item required.
The item type which can be set between the following 3 options.
1 - Set to use item.external_url to define an orders artwork. 
3 - Set to use print on demand references from Product Manager.
5 - Set for textual items. This is to be used for items with no artwork and only textual customisation fields such as "textual.field_name1".
The print on demand reference for item orders obtained from product manager - only for item type 3.
URL to the product artwork. Only for item type 1. 
URL to the product thumbnail linked to the product. Only for item type 1. 
1st personalisation text area name. Only for item type 5. 
1st personalisation text area field. Only for item type 5.
2nd personalisation text area name. Only for item type 5.
2nd personalisation text area value. Only for item type 5. 
3rd personalisation text area name. Only for item type 5. 
3rd personalisation text area value. Only for item type 5. 

Updated CSV Order Import Features
At Kornit X we have continued to develop updates for the CSV Order and this is due to the fact we pride ourselves on constant evolution and the release of new features and enhancements every week. We have detailed each new enhancement below. If you are interested in knowing what features arrive, they will be continually updated within the "Core Platform Feature Updates" Article - CLICK HERE

Auto-Detection Of Products With Variants
This was added on 15-02-2022
A recent update has been made to Platform, that affects Textual orders and csv order importing. This fixes issues relating to thumbnail generation and batching errors for variant products.

To enable this users must go to "Advanced Settings" on the Sales Channel company, head to "Incoming Orders/Textual Items", and toggle the "Auto Detect Variant when Converting to Print Job" setting. This field has been shown in the screenshot below. 

This feature will be enabled by default for all Sales Channel companies created going forwards.
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