Reporting - All Available Reports

Reporting - All Available Reports


The Kornit X Platform  has a powerful reporting section.  A number of different CSV reports can be generated to display various details for one or more companies, over a specific time period.

How Do I Generate a Report?
  • To generate a report, login to the Kornit X platfrom and on the side menu clicking on "Reports".
  • Use the drop down to select the type of report that you want to run.
  • Either select the last day, week or month as a rolling period for the report or select a specific date range.
  • Add one or more companies to the Companies field.
  • Click the Go button to download the selected report in CSV format.
What Type of Reports Can I Generate?
The below lists all of the available reports users can generate within the platform. 

Item Summary
The summary report provides information on the quantity of each SKU you have sold for each day, week, month or year that is included in the selected date range depending on which of the summary reports you run. As of 2022, this report also includes the product description taken from the Ecommerce Data of a product. 

Component Details
The component details report provides information on each line item that was processed by OMS.  Details include company ref ID, sale time and date, creation time and date, external order ref, OMS item ID, product SKU, product description, quantity ordered, attributes such as colour and print job ID.

Component Summary
The component summary report gives information on the amount of products ordered by attributes such as colour.

The conversions report provides information on the total number of print jobs/samples vs. the total number of paid print jobs/samples.  The report also gives the percentage of print jobs/samples that were paid when set against the total amount of print jobs/samples.

Status Summary
The status summary report provides details of the total number of orders in each of the OMS order statuses.

Sales Summary
You can find out how many orders and items you have sold along with the cost price, sale price and profit by running the sales summary report.

Purchase Invoice Summary
A summary of purchase invoice amounts due can be found by running the purchase invoice summary report.

Order Details
The order details report gives comprehensive details of each order in the OMS.  Information such the internal and external order refs, the customers billing and shipping addresses, shipping methods, sale/creation/dispatch timestamps and any related print jobs can be found in this report.

Order Details Undelivered
This report gives the same details as the order details report above but only includes orders that are still in progress.  i.e Orders in the Received or In Production status.

Order Details QC
This report gives the same details as the order details report above but only includes orders that are in the QC Query or On Hold statues.

Order Details Awaiting Confirmation
This report gives the same details as the order details report above but only includes orders that are in the Received or On Hold statues.

Order Details With Prices
This report gives the same details as the order details report above but includes pricing information.

Stock Summary
Provides a summary of the available stock in the system by product SKU.

Gallery Images
The Gallery Images report contains a list of orders that have used CPP gallery images, including the gallery name and gallery image name.

License Royalties
The License Royalties report contains a list of orders for licensed content products. 
Kornit X has updated the reporting tab to also include Reporting Wizards which guide you through the generation of your reports. 

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