Magento 2 plugin Textual Order support

Magento 2 plugin Textual Order support

With the Magento 2 plugin, we natively support transmitting textual orders.  This is ideal for selling print on demand products on your M2 site, or for when you don't want iframes on your website.

To set this up in Magento, you will need to create a Grouped or Configurable product, with the relevant suboptions as Simple products (eg. Size, Colour).  Once you have setup the product to display as you want on the front end, you will then need to add two fields onto each Simple product.  These fields are under the Gateway3D Personalise-It tab, and are called "Textual Product ID" and "Variant ID".

In the Textual Product ID field, you will need to store the product ID for the Platform product you want to sell.  This is how Platform determines what product is on the order line.

In the optional Variant ID field, you will need to store the appropriate Variant ID for the Platform product you want to sell.  This is how Platform determines the correct size and colour for the above product is for.  If your product does not have variants, but has multiple colour/size options, you will need to create these variants first following this article - [LINK]

Once you have setup this up, orders for those products, will pass into Order Manager for the appropriate Product/Size/Colour option.

Updated Magento 2 Features

At KornitX we have continued to develop updates for variants and this is due to the fact we pride ourselves on constant evolution and the release of new features and enhancements every week. We have detailed each new variant enhancement below. If you are interested in knowing what features arrive, they will be continually updated within the "Core Platform Feature Updates" Article - CLICK HERE
This will continue to be updated below whenever a new enhancement is rolled out to improve variants, a time stamp will be labelled with each feature
HS Code Can Now Be Pulled From Magento 2
This was added on 21-12-2021
With using Magento 2, there is now an option to pull the HS code from Magento 2. Please note this is only acheivable for users of Magento 2, Magento 1 does not support this. 
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