Languages Support Within Platform

Languages Support Within Platform

When using the Kornit X Platform, you are able to load the system in your chosen language. We currently offer support for the following languages within our platform, which are listed below.
  1. Deutsche - German
  2. Nederlands - Dutch
  3. English - British
  4. English - US
  5. Français = French
  6. Slovensky - Slovakian
  7. 日本 - Japanese
  8. 简体中文 - Chinese (Simplified)
  9. 中國香港 - Chinese (Hong Kong)
  10. 한국인 - Korean
  11. Italia - Italian
  12. España - Spanish
  13. Português - Portuguese
Kornit X is always evolving and we would hope anyone using the platform can access this within their native language
We expect the list to evolve over time, so please refer to this article for the most up to date list. 
You can select the language when signing into the main platform link, as shown in the below screenshot taken directly from the platform you can see you select your language from the dropdown.

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