Companies Import

Companies Import

At Kornit X we offer this quick solution to create multiple companies at once.

How Do I Use This Imports?

To be able to access this import, simply head to the "Companies" section which is found in the top corner cog wheel of the system. This has been shown below.

To import or export the product data simply use the the "Import" and "Export" options which we have highlighted below for you. 

Please note that an example of this import can be found attached at the bottom of this article. 

What Can I Do With The Export?

With the companies export you can access your company data in one quick CSV and using this you can overwrite and update certain elements such as the company name, default email, admin company ID, setting the retailer or fulfiller IDs (used when creating Dropship companies), deactivating/activating companies and the explainer name. 
To import an update you must include the "company_id", "company_ref_id" and "external_ref" which will be included when you run the export, you must not change these fields as the import will fail. 
If you plan to change the type of the company we recommend not using this as there are certain fields, it would be easier to make a new company and deactivate the one you wanted to change.

What Does Each Header Mean?

Below is a breakdown for each header of the import, and the explanation for each header. 
The company ID, please leave blank is making a new company and leave the ID if making an update to an existing company.
Simply, the name of your company.
Header ID
What Does This Do?
This is the same as the company_id so above rules apply here too. 
An external ref ID which is not required but can be set if you want to have a separate reference from the company ID.
This is the company type ID. This needs to be either one of the following - 1 - (Retailer), 2 - (Production Centre), 4 - (Dropship), 16 - (Fulfiller), 64 (Organisation).
The email that you want set to the company by default.
An optional field where you can set the email to your Kornit X technical contact.
This is the user ID for the technical contact but note this is only optional.
The retailer company ref ID (Only needed when making a dropship company). 
The fulfiller company ref ID (Only needed when making a dropship company).
The admin company ref ID, which can be set if you have an admin company. If not please leave blank. This also needs to be left blank if you are creating an admin company via the import. 
The user ID for the Kornit X explainer associated to your company. Only an Optional field.
To deactivate or activate a company - Please use a "1" value to deactivate, and a "0" value to activate the company. P
The type name needs to be set in conjunction with the type ID so the same as before - 1 - (Retailer), 2 - (Production Centre), 4 - (Dropship), 16 - (Fulfiller), 64 - (Organisation).
Your admin company name to be used in conjunction with the admin ref ID
Your retailer company name to be used in conjunction with the retailer ref ID
Your supplier company name to be used on conjunction with the supplier ref ID.
The explainer username to be used in conjunction with the explainer user ID. Only an optional field.
The explainer first name. only an optional field.
The expaliner last name, only an optional field.
The bounding user ref ID, only an optional field
The bounding user role name, only an optional field
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