KornitX Platform Imports & Exports - How To Set Shopify Pricing Beta

KornitX Platform Imports & Exports - How To Set Shopify Pricing Beta

This article will be cover the options available to add pricing information to products so that they work within the Shopify app. Pricing can be set manually or via a dedicated CSV data Import.

Everyone who wishes to load their products within Shopify will need to set this using pricing, and have an active administrative company to use. Any products that do not have Pricing information they will not appear within Shopify.
The following steps run through the process, first for setting this manually and secondly for the import method using the “Pricing Tier Groups” import available in CPP. 
Everything within this article ties nicely into the following which discussed the need for this information to list your products in feeds - Supplier Feeds | Process Overview

How to manually set Shopify pricing

1. First, you will want to access your product, for this example I am using a test product under ID 2922107 as shown below. You will need to edit your product and head to the "Ecommerce & Data" section of the product. Once within this section you need to select "Pricing Beta"

2. Once you have accessed this area you can select "Add Tier Group" to begin adding your price. I have shown this below.

3. In order to then send this pricing to work with Shopify you need to set the following information:

  1. Type - should be set as "RRP"
  2. Currency - based then your default currency. If using more than one currency you will need a separate entry (row) for each currency. 
  3. Seller - which needs to be your administrative company, in the image below, I have used an example admin company "Adam Johnston Shopify Admin". 
  4. Element - should be "Base" which ensures this applies to the entire item.
  5. Quantity - you can then add a quantity and price as shown below for you.

4. Once you have saved you will have set up your product for Shopify and can move onto the next item in your list. 

Setting Shopify pricing using import

1. Alternatively, this pricing can be set by using out import entitled "Pricing Tier Group" which is found within "Product Manager" as shown in my screenshot below. You need to run this either from searching the ID you want to update or the category containing the products.

2. By selecting this export you will generate a file of this pricing. You ideally need to remove everything but the following columns - "product.id", "tier_group.product_id", "tier_group.price_type", "tier_group.seller_company_ref_id", "tier_group.currency", "tier_price.guantity" and "tier_price.price". I have shown a simplified version of this below, and weithin thes fields you can set your data.

3. Once you have exported the data, you just need to set your information, which must include the type of pricing which for RRP will be "2", the admin company ID (which for my example is "190193". You also need to set the currency, quantity and price which has been shown below.

Once you have made your import, you can head to "product manager" and select the "Pricing Tier Groups" import as shown below.
For more information on how to use the Shopify app, please follow this link which details how to install the Shopify app - How to Install the Virtual Product Warehouse Shopify App

Updated Shopify Pricing Features

At KornitX we have continued to develop updates for variants and this is due to the fact we pride ourselves on constant evolution and the release of new features and enhancements every week. We have detailed each new enhancement below. If you are interested in knowing what features arrive, they will be continually updated within the "Core Platform Feature Updates" Article - CLICK HERE
Option To Pull In Prices As Charged From Shopify
This was added on 19-07-2021
If prices are charged from Shopify instead of the platform we now have a feature that will pull in the pricing direclty into our platform, removing the need to update both the price in Shopify and Platform. 
Polish Currency Support
This was added on 17-02-2020
As standard, the Polish currency of Polish Zloty has been added the the pricing currency dropdown, ensuring that KornitX products can work within Poland, using the currency.