How to install a private app in shopify

How to install a private app in shopify

This guide provides details on how to install private apps in shopify, specifically our Custom Gateway Virtual Product Warehouse and Whitelabel Supplier apps prior to its app store submission.

SUPPLIER / CUSTOM GATEWAY TASKS (Only of CG if using the VPW app otherwise these tasks are completed by the supplier who owns the app being installed)

1. Open Shopify partners and log in.

3. Go to Apps and click on our app.

4. On the top click App actions- install on development store. Select the store you had created in step 2 and click Install app on store.

5. This will take you to the app install page where it will ask you to install unlisted app, DONT install. Copy the URL on this page and this will be your download URL. It will look similar to below and should be sent to the client.


6. To install on different stores, you replace the Shopify URL in the beginning with the stores Shopify URL. Example: etc. Your replace the highlighted part to the new store. (Client)

A lot of people don’t know their Shopify URL’s, so go to your website, right click on the background and click “view page source”. Hit Ctrl F and type myshopify. Normally the first line is the “” which has the Shopify URL for that store.

7. Once URL has the correct store name you can go to this URL, log into your store if needed and follow the install instructions to approve and install the application. (Cleint)

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