FAQ for selected suppliers for the eBay project

FAQ for selected suppliers for the eBay project

We have listed a FAQ for all selected suppliers joining the eBay project - this article will answer most of the questions. 

Sign up for an eBay account

Q: Where can I create my eBay business account:

Learn more about eBay & personalisation

Please check this documentation here and the ebay onboarding guide here 
German customers also see this explanation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8GAT6wlvmM


Q: Where do I save my products in Custom Gateway platform?
A: Please create a new category "YourCompanyName"/ebay". Only products added to this category can be used for the project.

Please only set-up products with 1 line text personalisation and a maximum of 12 characters . 
Lifestyle images obliagated
Q: How do I need to prepare my product images for the ebay.de project?
A:  You should watch the Gateway Academy course "Merchandise your products". We have added a section regarding "lifestyle" images and these are obligated to join the ebay.de project: https://academy.custom-gateway.com/courses/take/merchandising-your-products/texts/5937490-welcome-to-the-course. Make sure that all product images are saved in Gateway CPP under "assets" (1000x1000 px) on the first tab. We do not just mean the images showing up in the product configurator, but especially the preview images which will be shown on the eBay product listing pages.

Q: Should there be a placeholder-text on the preview images?
A: Yes, every single preview image should show a placeholder "Wunschname" (German customers), "your name" (UK customers) etc. This is important as personalization is new to eBay and their customers have to understand the product within the first seconds.


Q: Should each product have a nice pre-design?
A: This is absolutely important, a customer buys a design, not just the product. Please make sure you do not upload your products in CPP without design.

Q: Can we use products with licensed content?
A: Yes, if you have the license to use this content we would welcome these kind of products

Q: Do I have to save the product prices to Gateway CPP as well?
A: Yes please add a single RRP (UVP) price to every product to the Ecommerce-data section in Gateway CPP. Details can be seen in the screenshot below:

Q: Are there limitations to product name and description?
A: Yes, the product name has a max. of 45 characters and the product description a maximum of 200 characters. Make sure, the product name contains these words at the beginning of the product name "personalisiert", "mit Name", "Dein Name" (German customers) "Personalised", "with name", "your name" (UK customers). and describe the advantages of your product very clear.

Q: Will the product name and description for the Ebay offer be taken from CPP?
A: Yes correct, details see the questions above.

Q: Do we have access to the Ebay backend for the maintenance of our products?
A: Yes, but make sure all basic data is saved in the Custom Gateway platform

Q: Can further data such as keywords be maintained in CPP?
A: This is not necessary, you can add keywords to each product in the eBay backend

Here an example of a perfect created product in Gateway CPP. These are the minimum required fields:


Q: Can I use my own packaging?

A: yes

Q: What about shipping lead time?
A: The lead time for a single order is max. 48 hours. From order to shipping you need to produce and ship the product within 48 hours. Please add the lead time of every single product to the E-commerce section in Gateway CPP.

Q: Is a tracking ID needed?
A: A tracking ID is obligated for eBay, for every single order you have to save the tracking ID into the Gateway Platform. How this works can be found here: https://developers.custom-gateway.net/misc/generic-xmlftp-supplier.html (Section "The Shipment XML file"). If you want to use our shipping API please look at the documentation here: https://developers-v2.custom-gateway.net/#order-shipping-api

Q: How is the settlement of the shipping costs?
A: Please save the shipping costs for each single product. Use the field "Carriage" in the E-Commerce & Data section in CPP, see the screenshot below. 

Q: Which countries are important?
A: Germany and UK only, UK customers should focus on UK delivery and German customers should focus on delivery within Germany.

Q: Is there specific shipping provider required?
A: No

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