Embroidery | Embroidered Text

Embroidery | Embroidered Text


The Embroidered Text feature utilises Web Lettering technology to display realistic embroidery simulations, and deliver accurate stitch files that are 'ready to go!'

Important Note: This article is written on the presumption that the user has a good understanding of the product creation processes and setup requirements.


This feature is currently compatible with ACP3 Smartlinks and above.
Currently there is limited feature compatibility with Text Area features/options on CPP - this helps to ensure that the delivered stitch results are optimal for production. The following features ARE compatible with Embroidered Text:
  • Move, Rotate, Resize, Multiline, 
  • Placeholder Options
  • Force Casing
  • User input Required
  • Max Characters
  • Maximum Lines
  • Input Rule

To generate stitch files, your company account must be set to deliver EMB or DST files (this has to be set by Gateway staff).  As a new customer please discuss with your Onboarder. Existing customers can visit our support portal at https://support.custom-gateway.com/portal/en/home and create a new ticket with the request.

The embroidery file is delivered based on the size of the Print Area specified on the product with a maximum size of 150x150mm.

Generated stitch files for text will incur a standard rate file creation charge of £0.50 per file delivered (*subject to change). If several single line text areas are used within a Print Area, a single merged EMB/DST file will be delivered that includes all text elements

What are the benefits of using Embroidered Text?

The Embroidered Text feature uses an approved Embroidered font library. This means that you not only get a great visual embroidery simulation on your product preview, but you will also receive a stitch file of the text that is 'stitch ready' - there is no need for manual adjustment because it is based on pre-approved fonts.

The font list is extensive - you have access to the full approved list of 189 embroidery fonts that you can add as you wish.

For the full approved font list, see: Approved Lettering Font Library



The product setup requirements are very simple. Firstly, you need to create your product with a Print Area as normal. At that point:

1. CREATE YOUR TEXT AREA > Production Type

Add a Text Area to the product. Within the Text Area > Options rollout menu there is an option called 'Production Type'. Setting the option to 'Embroidery' triggers the Embroidered Text preview. 


You must then switch to utilise the approved Embroidery fonts. The system allows you to filter by Embroidery fonts for easy selection. You can add a single font as default, specify a Standard font set with several fonts available, or create your own embroidery font set featuring your own selection of the 189 available.


Access Print Test to see the Embroidery Text preview

Here is the interactive Product Example showing the Embroidered Text preview - https://g3d-app.com/s/app/acp3_2/en_GB/default.html#p=1188110&r=multi&_usePs=1&_pav=3

Note - It is not currently possible to generate stitch files from Print Test - this facility let you assess your product setup and the preview only.


If necessary, you can place test orders to generate the stitch files to ensure suitable for production. If you are a new customer, work with your Onboarder to do this - existing customers can visit our support portal for self service help: https://support.custom-gateway.com/portal/en/home

Once you have the file from Order Manager, you can then download and open the EMB/DST file in your embroidery software to ensure all is as it should be.

**Wilcom Truesizer software is available for free from https://www.wilcom.com/en-us/products/truesizerproducts.aspx - this can be used to view, modify, read and convert the EMB and DST files.


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