Custom Gateway WooCommerce Plugin

Custom Gateway WooCommerce Plugin

For any users that wish to integrate their WordPress site with OMS we offer a WordPress plugin.  For this you will need to have a paid license with Custom Gateway,

The plugin has an import feature that allows you to easily import your products from CPP into your site.  In addition to this, the Virtual Product Creator is made available to you in the backend of the site.

Installation instructions
First you will need to install the latest version of the plugin now called Smartlink Product Designer.

To obtain an API key to activate the plugin please contact a member of the Custom Gateway team via the support line on 0330 500 1522 or via the ticketing system by emailing

Before you start installation you will need to have:
Company Ref ID and API key
CPP username and password

You will then need to follow these steps: 

  2. Place shop into 'maintenance mode’ if running a live shop
  3. Download plugin - Click Here
  4. Via WordPress plugin page install 'Smartlink Product Designer’ 
  5. Via WordPress plugin page activate 'Smartlink Product Designer' plugin
  6. Remove the shop from 'Maintenance Mode’

For additional help on the set up and configuration of the plugin, please see the plugin documentation that's linked below.

Detailed documentation can be found here.

Any future updates should be handled via the WordPress dashboard.

Cron Tasks

The two cron jobs related to the plugin are:

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