Embroidery | Feature Guide

Embroidery | Feature Guide


Welcome to our dedicated guide on Embroidery Features and product setup requirements. The links will take you to separate articles that detail what each feature is, how it works, and how you can configure your products to use them.

Before jumping into the Features Articles, be sure to read through the Introductory Article on the Embroidery Output Type >>

Note: These feature articles will presume some general product setup knowledge. As such, we recommend the following articles before attempting to implement:

What Features are Available?

You can offer a combination of Embroidered Text, Auto-Digitization, and EMB/DST Upload functionality on your products, depending on your requirements. We have companion articles detailing each feature and how to set them up, just use the navigation buttons below and take a look! 


EMBROIDERED TEXTUsing a pre-approved embroidery font list, add Embroidered Text to your products for reliable stitch ready results.

AUTODIGITIZATIONAutomatically convert images to show accurate embroidery simulations on-screen, and generate stitch files. 

EMB & DST UPLOADAlready have a range of embroidery design files? Upload them to a gallery in CPP, then apply them to all of your products - we will automatically resize to fit any product that the design is applied to.


It is also possible to offer more advanced configurations and features to cater for specific requirements.

MATCHING TO THREAD CHARTMatch to a specified thread chart from our standard list, or create and supply your own for us to match to when the embroidery files are created.

EMB AND PNG OUTPUT FILESOffer both embroidery and standard print options on a single product!


INFORMATION ON COSTS: What costs are involved in using Embroidery? 

FAQ's: Click to run through the most frequently asked questions about using Embroidery.

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