Blank Products | Using Fulfiller Blanks With Product Manager

Blank Products | Using Fulfiller Blanks With Product Manager


The Catalog section of the Kornit X platform houses thousands of Fulfillers approved products that have been configured to meet their exact print specification. This opens doors of opportunity, as it means that these products can be added to your website for online customisation, with orders automatically passing through to the fulfiller to fulfil.

In obtaining access to the Fulfillers Blank (Base) products within Product Manager, you have the ability create Virtual Products from them. This enables you to take the Fulfiller Blank/s, add you own artwork designs and configure your own functionality to create ranges of Print on Demand (POD) products very quickly. 

Each fulfiller in the network offers the following key benefits:
  1. Data feed of customisable dropship products
  2. Option to add your own designs to the products
  3. Range of designs to boost sales (not all fulfillers)
  4. Accept electronic orders via Order Manager
  5. Provide automated dropship fulfilment
  6. Provide automated despatch confirmations to Order Manager
  7. Ability to use your branded despatch note
  8. Summary reporting on orders placed for quick purchase reconciliation

How Do I Access Fulfillers Blank Products?

Firstly, you must liaise with the Fulfillers directly to set up an account. Information and contact details on our Fulfiller Network are available from our website, please see: Link

Once trade arrangements are in place, liaise with your Onboarder if this is part of a current project, if not, visit our support portal at and raise a support ticket for each new integration. This will ensure you're supplied with individual dropship GUID's and supported in sending test orders to each fulfiller. Kornit X Staff will also grant user access to the Fulfillers products within Product Manager as part of this process.

What Happens When I Get Access?

On Product Manager, you will get READ access (R) to the Fulfillers category folders, which contain the original approved Blank products on the platform. READ access prohibits any changes being made to these products - only the Supplier is able to access the core configuration. The system is designed this way to protect the integrity of the Fulfillers product and ensure its 'fulfilment ready' status, as per their specification requirements. This is important for you too, as it helps to ensure that orders can be fulfilled without issue.

How Do I Create Virtual Products?

The simplest way to create Virtual Products is to utilise the Virtual product routines on CPP. There are several options available that are purpose built for specific types of products

For more information on Virtual Products and the routines available, please see:

  1. Virtual Products Explained >>
  2. Create Your First Virtual Product - Artwork Only >>
  3. Create Your First Virtual Product - Manual >>

Any Advice?
  • Print test often!
  • Design intelligently!! Whilst the system is capable of most things via various features and setup options, it can add complexity and increase creation times per product. By creating designs to work across multiple products you can save vast amounts of time in product setup.
  • If you have any queries regarding the print specification, or creating artwork to fit a specific template, it would be best to liaise with the Fulfiller directly.

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