CPP | Getting Started Guide | Section 5: Product Setup Screen

CPP | Getting Started Guide | Section 5: Product Setup Screen

5.1 What is the Product Setup Screen?

The Product Setup Screen shows the configuration of a product on CPP - this includes all associated product data including supplier information, Preview Specification, Print Specification, Functionality and eCommerce data.

5.2 Accessing the Product Setup Screen

To access a particular Product's setup, you can use the Product Manager 'Action' column to find the 'Edit' button. Clicking this will then display the Product Details page by default, which is contained within the Product Setup interface.  


5.3 Product Setup Interface Breakdown

There are 3 main sections that make up the Product Setup Interface;

AConfiguration Panel - The Configuration Panel offers access to the core product Setup menus. 

B. Product Setup Menus - The Product Setup Menu's allows all setup options to be accessed for a particular product. Only the Product Setup Menu's that are relevant to the option selected in the Configuration Panel will display at any given time.

C. Contextual Action Buttons - Displays contextual actions for the product. As the name suggests, the buttons change depending on which Configuration Panel and Product Setup Menus are open.

5.4 Configuration Panel & Product Setup Menus

A. Product Details - Details / Variants / Categories / App Defaults
B. Preview Specification - Aspects / Backgrounds
C. Print Specification - Print Areas / Print Layouts / Print Sizes
D. Functionality - Colours / Images / Text / Attributes
E. E-commerce & Data - E-commerce Info / E-commerce Pricing / Field Mapping
F. Smartlink Builder - Pick your App / Configure ACP / Select Retailer / Advanced / Your Smartlink

5.5 Contextual Action Buttons

A. Print Test - This Action Button is always available. It opens the Print Test facility where product configurations and artwork output files can be tested in an interactive environment.
B. Preview Test - If you have App default information set against your product, the preview test will use those settings to load the product in the relevant Smartlink.
C. Place Order - Allows you to manually place a test order to be passed into OMS
D. Lock - Locks the Product so that no further changes can be made.
E. Disable - Allows you to remove a product from all Live Websites via CPP. The product will no longer function with live Smartlinks (this is not instantaneous - may take several hours to take effect due to caching)
F. Create Virtual Product - Allows you to Create a new Virtual Product from the Base Product that you have open. For more information on this please see our dedicated articles in Knowledge Base.
G. Save Changes - This Action Button is always available. It allows any product setup changes to be saved.

Critical: Additional action buttons become available that are relevant to the selected Configuration Panel / Setup Menu. You can easily identify the contextual action as it will be highlighted in RED. These indicate that the Action button changes the Product configuration.


5.6 Available Help / Tool Tips

A useful Help / Tool Tips system is included on the CPP. This is accessible via the '?' icon situated next to the product configuration options and settings. Clicking it will offer a pop-out featuring information regarding the option selected.

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