Companies & Products Cheat Sheet

Companies & Products Cheat Sheet

Detailed below is an overview of the hierarchy of product, companies and users to help you best understand access levels, categories and company relationships



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    • Settings | Creating Companies

      Overview In order to create new Retailer type companies in Platform to sell via different order sources i.e marketplaces such as Amazon or Etsy, you will either need an Enterprise subscription or you will need to contact our support team to add this ...
    • Understanding 3d Products (Technical)

      The link below provides a technical explanation of how our 3D products are put together Technical breakdown of a GatewayCPP 3d model
    • PSD Import To Create Customisable 2d Products

      Overview The PSD Import routine is a game-changer. It allows you to set up your Customisable Products inside Photoshop, and then upload the PSD's directly to the CPP. As far as the system is concerned, any products created in this way are standard, ...
    • Product Creation Services | You’ve ordered some 2d/3d Products, what happens next...?

      Process Overview Once your order is placed and payment confirmed, you will be contacted via our Zoho Project Management system and asked to supply assets and setup information for your products. We request this because we don't know your products as ...
    • Create Your First | Virtual Products: Interactive

      Overview INTERACTIVE is a simplified Virtual Product Creation routine focused on speed and efficiency. It allows you to select one or multiple Blank Products, and interactively create a simple design to be applied to all of them in a single ...