Common QuickP Errors

Common QuickP Errors

When an order artwork goes into the QuickP hotfolder, there are a few reasons why it can fail.  This article covers the most common reasons, and how to avoid them. 


Incorrect naming convention 

When an item has the Kornit naming convention applied to it, it will have the structure "Kornit Setup_Kornit Table_[Artwork name]_Quantity_X offset_Y offset". 

If the Kornit Setup value does not correspond to a setting on your machine, or the setting has an underscore in its name, it will not work.  If the Kornit Table value does not correspond to a pallet name, it will not work.  If either offset values have additional data in them (eg. Decimal points, the local computer renaming the file to be "...(1)"), it will not work. 

Pallet mismatch 

If you load the artwork with the Kornit Table "Standard pallet", but don't have that pallet loaded on your machine, QuickP will give an error message.  Make sure you load the appropriate pallet, and try again.  If it still gives that error, make sure the Kornit Table name is correct for that product. 


Wrong XY-Offset

If your artwork combined with your X & Y offsets exceeds the pallet dimensions, QuickP will give this error message. 

If you're using the RIP integration (Autocrop) on your Production Centre, make sure the product's print area sizes are accurate to the pallet it's using, and that your Print Sizes don't scale the artwork. 

If you are using the Production integration on your Production Centre, make sure the print area sizes never exceed the pallet dimensions that you are using for that size.  Then make sure the X and Y offsets defined combined with the artwork size don't exceed the pallet dimensions.  If you want the artwork to be centralised on the X or Y axis, you can set either value to "-1". 

For more information, please consult the image below.  If you encounter an error not mentioned here, please message your Kornit X point of contact. 

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