Catalog | Product Manager - Advanced Settings Search

Catalog | Product Manager - Advanced Settings Search

The Advanced Search is a feature found within "Product Manager" to be able to search through your catalog of products. From the basic list you can search via the ID, Name, SKU, Category and Fulfiller but there are a lot more options set on products that we at KornitX felt needed to be added to improve the search within "Product Manager
The advanced search can be found from the list view within the "Product Manager" tab found within "Catalog". This has been shown in the below screenshot and is visible whenever you use the list view. 

Within "Advanced Search" you are able to narrow down your search with the following options.
  1. "Product Type" - selectable options of the following types - "Virtual", "Blank", "Customisable", "Print On Demand", "Personalisable", "No Preview", "External Preview", "Stock" and "Dynamic Design". 
  2. "Is Locked" - A toggle to view to show locked and unlocked products.
  3. "Is Disabled" - A toggle view to show disabled and enabled products.
  4. "Has Error" - A toggle view to show if a product has an error or does not, this is most common when adding products to "Feeds".
  5. "Aspect Ratio" - Choose from a choice of print area sizes ranging from "Square", "Landscape" and "Portrait".
  6. "Created Or Modified Since" - Option to set a date to view products created or modified since the date. This is needed in the DD/MM/YYYY format. 
  7. "Sale Percentile" - A moveable option to show the best sellers. Ranging from viewing your top 5% selling products, this can be set at any value between 100% to 5%.
  8. "Dimension" - Choose from a choice from "2D" or "3D" type products.
  9. "Region" - An option to choose from products available in certain countries.
  10. "Product Owner" - An option to enter a fulfiller company to work out who is the fulfiller owner to sets of products. 
A view of this can be found in the below screenshot.

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