Disabling Products

Disabling Products


It is now possible to 'Disable' products in CPP Product Manager via the Bulk Action drop-down menu. This feature means that products can be safely removed from a live website, without deleting the product in CPP. The disable option makes the product unusable in Smartlinks.  
*Note - This change is not immediate - due to the nature of distributed Smartlinks it can take several hours to apply to the live product listing

CPP offers two ways to disable products - either from the product manager menu or from a single product. Below offers a step by step for each way this can do be achieved.

How to Disable Multiple Products - Bulk Action

  1. Access Product Manager and Select the Products.
  2. Click the Bulk Actions drop-down Menu.
  3. Select the Disable option.

How to Disable Single Products

  1. Find your product in Product Manager and select the Edit button. 
  2. In the left-hand menu you can select the Disable option from the Contextual Actions.
  3. Once the product is disabled, it is possible to enable again as required (as shown below): 

It is possible to use the Advanced Search tools in Product Manager to filter products based on whether they are disabled or not - this is the easiest way to identify what products have/have not been disabled.

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