Aspects | Swatch Colour

Aspects | Swatch Colour


Aspects set against a product can have a Swatch Colour enabled with a toggle that can then have a hex colour code added to. This is an ideal solution for Garment type products that using a specific app can display the exact colour of the option. This article will aim to detail how to set these and which Apps support this swatch colour solution which can be toggled with the apps features menu. 

How To Find Swatch Colours On Aspects

Simply head to your product and access the "Preview" menu and select relevant aspects of which the colours swatch needs to be added to. 

Once within the aspect options menu you will see an option for "Swatch Colour" as shown below.

How Do I Set Swatch Colours Against My Aspects

To set a Swatch Colour simply enable the options toggle to "on" and enter the relevant hex code colour relating to the product. Once entered simply save the product and a swatch will now be associated to the aspect options. 

A full library of available hex codes can be found here - Link

What Apps Support Swatch Colours?

The following apps listed support swatch colours.
  1. ACP3_2
  2. Focus
To enable the use of Swatch Colours simply enable the option within the Apps Feature menu found under "Smartlink Apps"