Artwork | Output Types: Embroidery

Artwork | Output Types: Embroidery


Embroidery Overview

Custom Gateway are pleased to announce full Embroidery support, with state of the art embroidery preview and stitch file digitization technology. This gives users of our Custom Product Platform the ability to create products with real-time, realistic embroidery simulations for both text and imagery, which then automatically delivers EMB, DST or TAP format stitch files to be used for fulfilment once an order is placed.
If these formats are not sufficient, users can download Wilcom's Truesizer software for free HERE - this allows users to open the EMB file and save out in various other formats for embroidery purposes.
Using this output type incurs additional costs based on each digitized output file generated - these costs are subject to change. For more information on embroidery files please contact Ian Bell in our Explainers department via 01625 355781.

What are the rules?

  • All embroidery functionality is compatible with the ACP3 Smartlink. Compatibility with other Apps may be available but would need testing. For more information, please discuss with your Onboarder at Custom Gateway.
  • The maximum size embroidery file that can be delivered is 22500 square mm, which is equivalent to a Print Area of 150x150mm. The width or height can be larger as long as the corresponding value does not equate to an area larger that 22500 square mm in total. For example, these 3 print sizes cover the same area size:

W150 x H150mm = 22500 square mm

W75 x H300mm = 22500 square mm

W300 x H75mm = 22500 square mm

Important Note: This rule applies if the full area is in use / populated - so predominantly applies to images. For areas that feature just text, it may be possible to set larger sizes on the basis that the text will only ever populate a fraction of the total area available, although variables such fonts, character input length and font size should be considered.
  • The pixel count of uploaded artwork should be less than 5,000,000 pixels. Anything larger than this will result in errors when the EMB/DST file is generated.
  • The file size of uploaded artwork should be less than 2MB. Anything larger than this may result in errors when the EMB/DST file is generated. 

Features and Product Setup Requirements

For more information on the available Embroidery features and product setup requirements, please see our dedicated  Embroidery | Feature Guide >> 

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